Natural Mama: How to Deal with Common Pregnancy Symptoms Naturally

How to deal with common pregnancy symptoms naturally

One of my friends recently told me that I make pregnancy look easy. It made me smile, because  I truly enjoy being pregnant. It also made me laugh, because clearly, she doesn’t live with me. 🙂

Pregnancy, at least for me, is an extremely beautiful time, filled with many strange experiences I never would have expected. While I’ve thankfully never experienced horrible morning sickness like some of my friends, I have hyper-mobile joints that do not appreciate the arrival of extra doses of relaxin. This makes my joints go all wobbly and lack structural support.

I also have a tendency to think I can handle way more responsibilities than I probably should, and so I end up exhausted.

So yes, I might make it look easy online, but I definitely have several pregnancy-related annoyances, and I have worked hard to find natural relief for my common pregnancy symptoms.

My current routine has been working so well for me the past few months that I had to share with you all. Since starting this routine, I have seen an increase in my energy levels, my productivity, and even the brightness of my skin.


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  • I start every morning with my salad bar capsules, automatically supplying Baby K and myself with nutrition from 26 non-GMO, vine-ripened fruits and vegetables.
  • 2 capsules of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, since I am not a tea drinker but RRL tea has so many benefits for the last trimester. I’ve been taking this my entire pregnancy. I like this brand personally.
  • 2 capsules chlorella powder for extra greens and antioxidant awesomeness. This has really increased my energy!
  • 1 serving size collagen hydrolysate powder goes in my coffee every morning for extra protein. I started this when I developed SPD in June and noticed a significant improvement in my ligament strength (and a lot less pain!). I have used this brand and this brand. I prefer the second currently simply because the packaging allows for all the powder to be used and not leave some caught under a rim.


Dates are high in iron and fiber, both of which are helpful to have during the last trimester. They have quickly become my favorite snack, along with with raw almonds (for protein and healthy fats!). When I pack my lunches for work or I’m at home, dates and almonds are my go-tos. When I’m out and about, I prefer to have Larabars since they are pre-packaged and super easy to throw into my purse. For drinks, I’ve been alternating between kombucha (I prefer the strong ginger flavor) and the “daily roots” Naked juice, which contains beets (warning, this flavor takes a bit of an adjustment period!). I also like to snack on grapes, apples, or cut up melon throughout the day for extra raw plant power and natural fiber.

Stay Hydrated

Your body needs so much extra water during pregnancy to maintain the amniotic fluid levels, create the baby’s blood supply, and still perform its typical duties in your own body. Dehydration can be the root cause of headaches, blood pressure issues, and poor energy levels.

I am more aware of my daily water intake this pregnancy, and try to make sure I drink enough water. For some reason, if I start my morning with coffee instead of water, I tend to drink less (of any fluids) throughout the day. I have noticed that I tend to drink more when I start my morning off with a big glass, before I even start my pot of coffee, so that has also made its way into my routine.

I use this double wall insulated Kleen Kanteen water bottle to keep my cold water cold all day. Just be sure to get the regular drinking cup lid instead of the screw-on one, in case you’re clumsy like I am. There’s less of a chance for a mess if your lid isn’t completely closed after a sip when you knock it over. Ahem.

Support the Baby (Belly)

This belly band has changed my pregnancy. I carry very low and entirely in front, like when I was in kindergarten and stuffed a soccer ball under my shirt to pretend I was pregnant. I wear this belly band all day, every day. It gives great support, is practically invisible under clothing, and is very comfortable. I tell everyone about it because it’s made such a huge difference in my comfort level.

Pre-natal Exercise

Now that I’m nearing the birth stage, I’ve been adding in more Spinning Babies routines to prepare for labor and birth, but not yet consistently enough for me to consider it “routine.” I’ve also enjoyed this prenatal yoga routine. It’s a bit of a workout for me, but I feel very accomplished at the end.

So there you have it. My basic baby-growing routine. As usual for me, it’s mostly food-related.

Any other naturally-minded mamas out there? What are your prenatal routines? Any other naturally-minded mamas out there? What are your prenatal routines?

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