My Favorite Black Friday Deals – Instant Pots and More!

I sent this out to my subscribers earlier this week, but since I’ve had so many new subscribers (welcome to the Crunchy Hippie Life community!), I wanted to share this here!

Instant Pot Deals

I posted on the blog earlier this week about why I love my Instant Pot and how to score one for under $40 on Black Friday. The short version is this:

Open a new Ebates account (get $10 automatically when you sign up through my link!). Use Ebates to shop on The 6qt DUO Instant Pot is on sale for $79.99!  At checkout, use code SAVEBIG15 to get an extra 15% ($12) off. After Kohls Cash and Ebates rebates, the 6qt 7-in-1 Instant Pot is just $38.91 (plus tax). What an amazing deal – and it’s available NOW!

I am certain Amazon will be offering them at a deep discount as well (at time of posting they are currently $67.99!), they just haven’t announced it yet. Be sure to follow my Facebook page, as I will be posting all the details the minute it goes up! Sign up here for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime!


Sign up for a new Ebates account and get a $10 bonus. Go to Amazon via the Ebates website and complete your purchase, which will earn you another 6% off. This is a Prime eligible purchase. Click here to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime if you don’t have Prime yet.


My favorite blogger, Crystal Paine of, is hosting her own Black Friday deal with her courses, many of which I have blogged my way through (this post is especially popular).

Makeover Your Mornings, Makeover Your Evenings, Makeover Your Year, and 15 Days to a Healthier You will all be on sale for just $10 each – regularly $17-29!

If you’re looking to start a blog in 2018 but aren’t sure where to begin, Blog Start-Up 101 and WordPress 101 will be on sale for $20 each (regularly $37 each). Her sales will be running from Thursday night at midnight through Monday night at midnight.

Fruits and Veggies

I will be offering a free shaker cup with the purchase of a Shred10 reset kit. Valid from Thursday-Monday. Reply to this email for details!


Finally, be sure to save your receipts! For anyone who purchases an Instant Pot through any of the links I shared, send me the receipt and I will send you an exclusive upgrade to my book, Dirt Cheap Nutrition, with a revised cooking plan especially for the Instant Pot! If you don’t already have a copy of Dirt Cheap Nutrition, grab your free copy here!

If you purchase the Makeover Your Mornings course from Crystal Paine using my links, I will add you to a secret Facebook group and we will go through it together! I have done this course multiple times and find it so helpful every single time. My mornings begin prepared, calm, and I maintain the positive momentum throughout my day. I will be starting the course on December 4 as a way to prepare myself for the holiday season craziness.

For either deal, send a screenshot of your receipt to by Tuesday, November 28th.

Be sure to follow my Facebook page for more deals!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


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Top 6 Reasons You Need An Instant Pot

Oh, Instant Pot, how did I ever manage in my kitchen without you? You make my life so much easier!

  1. Never before have I been able to do a full week’s worth of meal prep in the span of a few hours, with so few dishes.
  2. 2. Never before have I been able to dump spaghetti sauce, gluten-free noodles, and (browned) ground beef into a pot, pressed a button, and walked away, only to come back to a fully cooked one-pot lunch in less than 10 minutes.
  3.  Never before have I made perfect, gelatinous bone broth, in any less time than 4 days – except now I can make it in 8 hours!
  4. Never before have I been able to make “dump and walk away” yogurt, even in a crock pot. Until my Instant Pot.
  5.  Never before have hardboiled eggs been so magically easy to peel, making deviled eggs a regular thing instead of a tedious treat.
  6. You can make beef stew in less than 1 hour that tastes like it’s been simmering away all day.

Ya’ll, seriously – if you don’t have an Instant Pot, you need one. It has completely revolutionized how I cook, how I clean up, and the amount of time I can spend with my family.

In Nevada I worked an average 9 hours a day at my job, and by the time I got home I was pretty exhausted. Meal prepping has always been my saving grace (check out my book, Dirt Cheap Nutrition, for details on meal prepping on a tight budget!), but especially in the late days of pregnancy, it was a lifesaver.

The NPR (natural pressure release) feature is probably my favorite feature when making main dishes. Maybe it’s just a mental thing, but I find it very relaxing to know that my food isn’t going to overcook if I don’t jump right up and run into the kitchen the moment the timer goes off. I can actually relax, put my feet up, and not worry about hovering over pots, pans, and the oven.

There are so many options for size and style of Instant Pots. Personally, I have the 7-in-1 DUO60 6qt. I specifically chose the 7-in-1 because it has the yogurt button feature and I knew I would use it frequently. For our small-but-growing family, I find it to be the perfect size, with plenty of room for leftovers. For larger families or families with multiple teenagers, you might consider the 8qt. I know of several couples who find that a 3qt is the perfect size for their RV or to bring camping with them.

I waited months to purchase my Instant Pot, watching for the perfect price. Knowing how I love a good frugal challenge, Peter suggested I wait to purchase one until I could buy it for $50 from our regular weekly budget. I am very pleased to report that after the Kohls cash, Ebates rebates, and a bit of money from a freelancer article I wrote, I spent a total of $25 from our weekly budget.

Need to know where to find an Instant Pot? I have seen great deals at Target, Kohls, and Amazon. I hear rumors that Amazon had deep discounts on their IPs on Black Friday and probably will again (they sold hundreds of thousands of them on Prime Day!), so be watching for that.

Do you have an Instant Pot? Do you love it as much as I do? Be sure to follow my IP boards on Pinterest for loads of healthy recipes your family will love!


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