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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I’m a huge fan of saving money using online rebates websites. Since I have been using Ebates myself more frequently and exploring all its deals, I can give you my completely honest opinion – this is my favorite. Mostly because along with saving money, you can also make money with Ebates.

You may have noticed in my income report that most of my Black Friday income was from Ebates. Today I’m following that up that post to show exactly how anyone can actually make money with Ebates. It’s so easy!

The Basics

First, create your free Ebates account. Sign up for one here!

Second, take a minute and browse around at all the stores that you probably already shop at online. Everything from Kohls, Target, AMAZON (I mean, c’mon, this is almost too easy!). Even Groupon got in on the Ebates action. Save 40-90% on your purchase AND get money back?

selection of ebates stores

Third – Given that it’s the gift-giving season, I’m sure you have online shopping that needs to be done. Pick your store and click on it through the Ebates link.

Now it’s time to do your shopping. The computer can’t tell what’s already in your cart, so be sure to add your items to your cart after signing in through Ebates. Make sure your total is above $25.

There. You have just completed your first transaction through Ebates! And bonus – you just earned yourself a $10 bonus rebate, in the form of either a Walmart gift card or it can be added to your next Big Fat Check.

Which brings me to…

The Big Fat Check

The BFC is sent out quarterly, so check the calendar to see when you can expect to get your rebates in the mail. Depending on how often you shop online, this could end up being a nice chunk of change! We are currently in the last quarter. so checks will be sent out by February 15th, according to the table.

Make Money with Ebates

Now that we have gone over just how easy it is to save money with Ebates, you want your friends to know too, right? Friends don’t let friends leave money on the table. And in the world of online shopping, there is a lot of money being left on the table!

Making money with Ebates is so easy it’s almost stupid. As a thank you for sharing money-saving tips with your friends, Ebates will give you $25 for every referral who makes a purchase of $25 or more. See? So easy, it’s crazy.

Why aren’t you already doing this?

How Do You Get Referrals?

First off, share your link (Captain Obvious, at your service)! But – and this is the most important part – you have to provide value. I would not have gotten 110 people (and growing!) to sign up with my link if I just flung it everywhere the way my toddler throws leaves.  No one would have cared, it would have just seemed like an extra step in the way of buying their Instant Pot. My Black Friday post showed why people would benefit from signing up for their own account and making a purchase – it created an absolutely crazy deal for the must-have appliance of the year!

Other Reasons to Love Ebates

Their rebates are in the form of actual money, no matter how much you earn. None of the other rebate websites offer cash back, they offer points that you can trade for gift cards after you reach a certain points balance.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You can install an Ebates button on your browser that you click whenever you visit a website to shop. This eliminates the need to go to the Ebates website first.

They have way more ways to earn cash back than online shopping, including an app, instructions on how to connect your account with a credit card of your choice, or you could even open up an Ebates Visa Card if you’re into that sort of thing. We don’t have credit cards, but you can bet I will be activating cash back deals when we shop with our debit cards at regular stores!


So to recap, helping your friends save money is a great way to make money with Ebates. The more people you help to save an epic amount of money, the more money you make. It’s absolutely the best! Join today and start making money!

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My Favorite Cyber Monday Sales!

2017 the best cyber Monday deals and sales

I remember when I was in single digits, coming home from Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ house and driving past all the people camped out in their tents outside the local Best Buy, waiting for the doors to open at 3am for Black Friday sales. I remember thinking friends were crazy for going out that early to shop.

Then came “Cyber Monday” when stores like Amazon put out great deals to make the Black Friday deals in brick and mortar stores look expensive.

And then, stores started opening earlier and earlier, starting at midnight and gradually working their way back to opening times of 5pm on Thanksgiving Day.

Now that basically everyone has a website, having specific sale differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday seems silly to me, but they do have different deals and they are worth mentioning, plus it’s totally socially acceptable to shop in your pajamas (which I’ve been doing all weekend).

plaid holiday pajamas, mother and baby, shop in pajamas

Below are a few of my favorite deals either because the sales themselves are “OMG AWESOME” or because I use it and love it and want you to love it too.

Remember to earn an extra $10 bonus when you use this link to sign up for a new Ebates account!


8% cash back when you shop through Ebates!

20% off through 11/19 with code BUYNOW20

Free shipping on orders above $25. Kohl Cash is available to use now!

phillips air fryer, instant pot accessories, homemade egg rolls, homemade french fries, low-fat fryer


Phillips Air Fryer – $159.99 (regular price 229.99)



home coffee bar, coffee system, homemade lattes, homemade coffee drinks


Ninja Coffee Bar with foamer arm and glass carafe – $199.99 (regular price $249.99) – I’m getting this as our big Christmas present!


blender system, blender set, blender bottles, blender processor, vitamix


Ninja Mega Kitchen System – $189.99 (regular price $199.99). I have this set and I use it for everything from homemade sausage to my daily SuperMom coffee.


stainless steel pots and pans, non-toxic cookware


Revere Copper Confidence Core 7-piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set – $159.99 (regular price $249.99)



  simple dishes, colored dishesFiesta 4-piece place setting – $29.99 (regularly $56)


personal blender, homemade shake maker, personal smoothie machine


Magic Bullet 11-piece blender set – $39.99 (regular price $59.99)



Several items (too many to link to!) are $10 and under with my favorite deals being 50% 0ff Christmas jammies for the family and 20% off Melissa and Doug toys. 


Sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial

Up to 6% back when you shop through Ebates.

***RESTOCK ALERT*** Instant Pot 6qt DUO for $84.96!  This will go FAST, so grab it before it disappears!

Instant Pot 6qt DUO PLUS is the deal of the day – on sale for only $74.95! (regular price $119.99)

1-year subscription to Food Network Magazine just $5 – regularly $45!

Air Fryer accessories set – $21.51 – regularly $49.99! These accessories fit the main 3 brands of Air Fryers

Bellemain 4oz porcelain ramekins, set of 6 – $12.50 (regularly $29.95)

Instant Pot silicone springform pan (fits 5qt pots and up) – $9.71  (regularly $12.95)

Echo Dot – $29.99 – regularly $49.99


*not available for Ebates*

30% off everything in store (no exclusions!)

Free shipping.

Neiman Marcus 

14% back when you shop through Ebates.

Earn up to $750 gift card (based on total purchase amount before taxes and shipping)

Sale items up to 40% off.


12% back when you shop through Ebates.

20% off with code CYBER

Free shipping over $25.


8% back when you shop through Ebates. 

50% off EVERYTHING (!) with code CYBER.

Free shipping with no minimum purchase amount.


Are you looking for anything in particular this Cyber Monday? And most importantly – did you score an Instant Pot on Black Friday?

Follow Crunchy Hippie Life on Facebook for real-time deal updates as I find them today! Be sure to turn on the notifications and “follow” me, otherwise Facebook might not show you my updates.

If you need me, I’ll be chugging coffee and shopping in my pajamas!

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