I survived! (aka, February recap)

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It’s embarrassing that I haven’t posted here in almost a month. In complete honestly, I have been avoiding posting anything for about two weeks now, just because I’ve been embarrassed about my lack of blogging.

I make sense.

Here’s a recap of our February, followed by a goals progress report.

I’ve been working an average of about 50 hours/week at my job. Between that, family time, and this whole growing-a-human thing, I’ve been wiped out. Exhausted. And definitely not ready to wake up at 6:30am to work on blogs.

In February I was given inspiration from a friend to start a new blog based on my love of Harry Potter, blogging, and wanting to create good things but not being the best at it on my own. It needs a lot more building work, but I’m hoping to have it live this summer.

We bought our car! In February we paid cash for a new-to-us Ford Escape with less than 100,000 miles, leather interior, a moonroof, and a fancy-schmancy stereo that has so many buttons I still haven’t figured out how to change the time. Tristan is still so excited about it that every time we open the garage, he points to it, lets out a happy yell, and claps excitedly. I’m thrilled that we were able to get a vehicle that is better for our family within our budget. It was a huge encouragement for us to meet that goal so quickly!

2017 Goals Progress:
Personal Goals
  • Complete the 15 Days to a Healthier You challenge in January This was so beneficial for me. It was much more holistic than I had anticipated and I’ve really been mindful of more aspects of health since this course. I’m drinking more water, processing emotions (something that is very difficult for an ESFP personality type like me since we prefer to be happy all the time, even if that means that we have to ignore issues or just hope they go away). Crystal will be hosting another challenge later in the year; be sure to sign up to be notified for the next round!
  • Complete 2 yoga challenges and 1 CouchTo5k challenge. Yeah, no. I didn’t make any sort of progress on this in February. 
  • Quit coffee for the month of January. I did it! I can’t tell if I have any more energy than usual, but coffee is back to being a treat that I choose to enjoy rather than need to survive. It’s more fun to have coffee with Peter on the weekends now that I’m not depending on it to wake up.
Family Goals
  • Save a certain amount (I will update you all on our progress by %). We are 42.5% of the way to our savings goal for 2017. 
  • Take an actual family vacation. We scheduled our vacation for May!
  • Find a meal plan system that works for us and stick with it. This comes and goes depending on our daily schedule and the severity of my pregnancy aversion to whatever is in the refrigerator. Hoping this improves with the second trimester!
  • Grow a garden. I’m actually going to delete this after this month, because we decided to not grow a garden. Between the timing of the baby coming and work and running two blogs and wanting to actually have some time to explore and create and just be a family, we opted instead to continue purchasing from Aldi each week and shopping at the local farmer’s market when it opens.
Business Goals
  • Get my blogging/writing done early before my family wakes up. This has been nonexistent in February due to my increased need for sleep in the last month of the first trimester. 
  • Complete 2 Pinterest improvement challenges. Keep track of numbers before and after to see if it’s making any difference. Not started yet. 
  • Stick to an organizing system for income and expenses. Not started yet. 
  • Transition to a different hosting platform for the blog. Done! Now hosting through Siteground, and their customer service is amazing!
  • Post in CHL at least 2 days/week. Again, nonexistent in February. 
  • Send at least one newsletter a week (be sure to subscribe! I share what I’m learning, what kinds of fun things we discovered, and good deals if I find them). This did not happen at all. 
  • Submit at least one freelance/guest blog post every week. This also did not happen at all in February. 

Well, we survived February…and already most of March. I’m looking forward to actually crossing more goals off our list in the March recap!



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