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I said I would post an update on the moving situation. Here it is!

My new job gave us a relocation budget, which was amazing. I called Two Guys and a Truck and they wanted a LOT of money and also said that it would be a two day process, even for a 5 hour drive. Something about length of work day or something.

I checked the Uhaul website and guys, if you ever have to move, do it this way. You can hire the truck, a local moving company to pack the truck, someone to drive it (we have a compact car, there was no way we were comfortable with a 26′ truck with no rear view!), and local movers to meet you there to unload everything. So that’s what we did.

We absolutely would not have been able to move into the house with just the two of us. I am so very grateful for our movers!

Peter packed everything into Rubbermaid tubs and marked them so the set up here was super simple. It seems basic enough but it was brilliant. And his “only unpack one tub at a time” rule was also genius because my way involved a bunch of tubs and things everywhere. Just no.

We explored the grocery store closest to our house and I was very pleased to see their organic produce selection. It’s no Aldi but they have a deli counter and for the first time in our marriage we purchased our meat from the deli counter instead of the freezer. It was a big deal to me and I can’t wait to make meatballs, pot roast, and herb-roasted chicken this week!

I start my new job tomorrow. Tonight we will be eating a simple meal of meatball subs (my MIL gave us some bread as part of an Italian blessing on our move), and I will pack a simple lunch for tomorrow. In the morning I will start a crock pot with pot roast! This being in our own home thing is so much fun!

Thanks for sharing!

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