Who doesn’t love finding freebies on blogs? I have several free resources for you to grab to help you on your journey!

Dirt Cheap Nutrition: free ebook for budget menu planning

Dirt Cheap Nutrition

This is my very first ebook, where I outline exactly how my husband and I ate a wholesome diet on just $25 per week – TOTAL. That’s right, $12.50 each per week. This ebook is full of nutrition-building tips, recipes, menu plans, and meal prep tips. This ebook is a must for anyone looking to cut costs in the kitchen!

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5 Blogging Tips Most People Don’t Share (for free)

I’ve been blogging since I was 16, but only recently decided to make money from it. Once everything “clicked” for me, I made over $1,200 in less than 2 months! I wrote down my top 5 tips and I’m sharing them with you for free, because no one should wait 12 years to make money with a blog.

Meal Planning for Busy People free ebook

Meal Planning for Busy People

This mini-ebook outlines my meal planning strategy, including how to stock your kitchen and how to create healthy, delicious meals in less than 15 minutes.


25 Ways to Save $1,000

These aren’t just the simple little “use coupons when you go to the grocery store” kinds of tips. These are serious, big, actionable tips that will help you save big money this year. And yes, we have done every single one of them.