Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food hippocrates

We all know that fruits and vegetables make the foundation of a healthy diet, but most of us don’t get enough to meet the suggested 7-13 servings. Besides this, the nutrients in the soil are depleted thanks to overfarming and the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides.

This leaves our bodies nutritionally depleted, which in turn creates opportunities for illness and disease to take effect. Like a car, our bodies require the proper fuel to function at peak performance. If we use the wrong fuel, the car will clog and you risk burning out the engine.

How many fruits and veggies have you eaten today?

To bridge the gap between where I am and where I should be nutritionally, I added powdered produce capsules to my diet. The fruits and vegetables are grown in non-gmo, no-pesticide environments and picked at the height of ripeness. They are then dehydrated without the use of high heat (this preserves the more delicate enzymes), and ground into a fine powder. The powder is encapsulated, making your intake of powerful fruits and vegetables as simple as taking a capsule.

Over 20 studies have been published in medical journals, with powerful evidence that daily intake of basically raw fruit and vegetable powder leads to an overall decrease in inflammatory processes and an enhanced immune system. Additionally, the Children’s Health Study (which provides free gummies or capsules to children between the ages of 4 years through undergraduate in college), shows a decrease in missed school due to illness, and an increase in the child making independent healthy eating choices both now and later in life.

For less than a daily Starbucks, you can enhance your health with a daily intake of nutrition from 17-50 plants. That’s right, between 17 and 50 plants every. single. day. Here at the Crunchy house, we love all 3 capsules  (fruits, vegetables, and the antioxidant powerhouse berry blend) and the plant protein shake mix (I prefer chocolate, Peter prefers vanilla). My favorite part of the protein drink is that I know that it is just fruits and vegetables, so I am comfortable sharing with Tristan. Goodness knows there is too much junk in other protein shakes for me to feel comfortable drinking them myself, much less feeding them to my child.

For myself personally, I feel the best when I’m taking my powdered produce capsules regularly. I have energy, I have passion, and I have a strong immune system. I am able to get more done in a day because my energy level is high, and I can focus. I am able to reach my goals because I have passion for achieving my dreams again. I sleep better, and I am a calmer, more patient mom.

My mission is to share health and wellness with the world and these little gems make it possible to help even the pickiest eaters make healthier choices.

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