{Guest Post} Easy Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am so excited to get to share a special guest post with you all today! Jennifer, from Real Food to Heal, and I have been talking for weeks about guest posting for each other. My post for a DIY facial was just posted last week on her site. Today, Jennifer has given us an amazing treat – Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip cookies! Be sure to visit her site and check out the rest of her recipes. She has an Instant Pot section with incredible soups and other healthy comfort food goodness.

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Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies
These cookies are truly a labor of love and we are very pleased to finally share the recipe with you! We have worked hard to make these easy for you 🙂 After months of testing at least one batch per week, we have finally come to the final result. There can be so many variables to consider when making baked goods, and IMHO even more when using alternative ingredients.

These cookies combine my two favorite grain free flours, coconut and tapioca plus a little xanthan gum to hold it together, making them vegetarian, rather than using the grass fed gelatin I use in my ​other cookie recipe​.

It is important to note that little variances in the recipe instructions can make a very different result. Please make sure not to grease your pan too heavily (or at all if it is any sort of non-stick material). Doing this can result in your cookies flaring out and becoming crispy around the edges. If you like this then don’t worry about it, if you don’t then I also recommend letting the cookie sheet fully cool in between batches (chilling it in the freezer for a few minutes is even better!) and also chilling the dough. This was the best result by far so again I encourage you to pay attention to these little details for the most perfect cookies, it is worth the extra steps!

❏ 2 eggs
❏ 1 cup chocolate chips of choice (we like 1/2 milk 1/2 white)
❏ 1 1/4 cup ​coconut sugar ​or 1 cup white and 1/4 cup dark brown-we prefer the
❏ 1 cup ​tapioca starch
❏ 1/2 cup ​refined coconut oil
❏ 1/2 cup ​coconut flour
❏ 1 1/4 tsp ​xanthan gum
❏ 1 tsp sea salt
1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Chill a baking pan of choice
3. With a stand or hand mixer, beat sugar and oil until well combined
4. Add eggs and let mix until creamy
5. In a separate bowl gently combine all dry ingredients aside from chocolate chips
6. Gradually add dry ingredients to wet mixture and mix until sticky dough
forms-careful these flours create a bit of dust if not mixed slowly!
7. Slowly mix in chocolate chips until well combined
8. Form rounds of cookie dough using 1/2 tbsp to measure, flatten into about 3″
wide cookies (this dough is sticky, so it might be helpful to flour your hands first!)
9. Make sure you space them about 2 inches apart from each other around all sides
10. Bake 8 minutes then let cool for at least 3 min before attempting to remove from
pan, longer is better, they hold together once cooled enough but come apart when
still really warm
11. In between batches, allow the baking pan to cool and chill the dough to prevent
the cookies from flaring out around the edges.
12. Enjoy and store leftovers in a sealed container


About the Authors: Jennifer and Roy Wakumelo
We are a very busy family passionate about eating real food without sacrificing real flavor! All of our recipes are made for busy people who love tasty food. Please let us know how you like the recipe, we love to here from you! Search Real Food To Heal to find us on social media and please su​bsc​ribe for even more on our blog!

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4 Strange Ingredients for Your Next Cup of Coffee

4 new ways to make coffee, eggs in coffee, bulletproof coffee, DIY coffee

Oh, coffee. My favorite beverage – no calories, energy-inducing caffeine, and warm, full-flavored goodness. My daily hug-in-a-mug.

My usual routine is to just add a splash of cashew milk as a creamer, but sometimes I want a specialty drink without the specialty price. As I’ve gotten more frugal, I’ve also become more adventurous when it comes to what I add to my coffee. Here are my four favorite additions:

1. Butter

Butter in coffee is…just delicious. The key is to blend the two together, otherwise you end up with butter floating at the top of your mug. Butter (especially grass-fed butter like Kerrygold) is full of good fats. Butter also has fat-soluble vitamins. This concoction is the best with a sprinkle of cinnamon and the tiniest splash of vanilla extract.

2. Coconut oil

Like butter, adding coconut oil adds healthy fats. Coconut oil has natural antibiotic, anti fungal, and antiviral properties, which helps the immune system. Coconut oil is easily absorbed in the body, making it a good quick fuel for an energy burst and gives your metabolism a boost. This is  a great addition to your morning coffee! Start off with a 1/2 teaspoon or so added to your coffee until your body gets used to it, or you might end up with a pretty significant detox reaction. (Tip: the popular “bulletproof” coffee is a mix of butter and coconut oil!)

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3. Collagen Hydrolysate

Collagen is a connective tissue in the body, known for its ability to support muscles and bones with an elastic quality. Adding a spoonful of grass-fed collagen hydrolysate each morning will aid your body’s restoration efforts for better joints, stronger hair and nails, and healthier skin. Collagen’s protein is easy to digest, making it a powerful choice for improving your gut health.

4. Raw Eggs

Don’t knock it ’til you try it, raw eggs are amazing in coffee! Eggs are rich in protein, fat-soluble vitamins, and good cholesterol. To make my egg latte, I first blend one or two eggs in the blender and then use a small amount of coffee to temper the eggs before I pour in the remainder. Add in some cinnamon and cloves for an eggnog-like drink!

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