Makeover Your Evenings: Day 1

Welcome to our new 14-day blog-along of MoneySavingMom’s Makeover Your Evenings! For the next 14 days, I will be blogging my thoughts and my personal responses to the challenges Crystal Paine sets as I strive to use my evenings in a more productive manner.

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All set? Let’s get started:

Day 1: Identify Your Why

I’m going to be honest, the first time I attempted to blog through this course, my “why” wasn’t very strong and I only lasted maybe 2 days. However, I have noticed a definite need to get my evenings back on track in a strategic way (i.e. a way that doesn’t lead to a haphazard ball of stress), and this class going on sale was perfect timing.

My “why” is simple, but strong this time. I have lived the results of not having a plan. We have eaten our supper past 8pm (and since I’m being honest, past 9pm) several nights. I have left dishes in the sink to do the next morning and woken up too late to do them before work, or just early enough to do them and squeak into work barely on time. I have not been striving towards any goals, I have been living only in “survival mode” as Crystal calls it. And since I have a family, my survival mode effects them negatively as well.

So here I am, with a vision for my evenings that I know is attainable. I live only 2 minutes from my job, and I typically get home right after 5pm. I can realistically serve supper at 6pm. This involves only a few factors: knowing what we are having before I get home, and having all the ingredients ready for me when I return. Having a solid routine will help solidify the habits necessary for a quick supper so we can have a nice evening as a family, and gives me plenty of time to clean the kitchen before going to sleep. A clean kitchen will create a peaceful morning, and so on with the cycle of organized living.

One thing that I have learned is that it is much easier to be lazy and fall behind than it is to be disciplined and think ahead, but that the rewards of taking a few minutes and pushing yourself to be better are far more rewarding. 

When I don’t feel like staying on track, when I’m tired, when I’m frustrated, when I just want a break, it is these times that it is most important to take the few moments to remain disciplined, and know that the reward is far greater to remain disciplined than to fall behind and have to catch up. I would much rather spend 10 minutes doing dishes in the evenings than start my next morning behind.

I hope you join me on this adventure! Meet me back here tomorrow for Day 2!


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