Dirt Cheap Nutrition Cook-Along: Day 1

Alright ya’ll, 

Are you ready for the cRaZy challenge for today’s cook-along? 

Are you sure? 

Super sure? 

Okay, here we go…

First, you take some beans…

Pour them into a container…

Add some water…

And put a cover on it. 

Phew! Invigorating! 

All silliness aside, today’s activity for the beginning of the cook-along is to start the bean soak. I will change the water every 12 hours or so until Sunday, when I cook them. 

I don’t measure, so I’m not really sure how much this is, but I know I can eat them over a week. I’m excited for bean dip, refried beans, and beans and rice! I’m pretty easy to please. 

As a bonus for “what does Amanda eat in real life,” tonight for supper we had chicken omelets and toasted sourdough English muffins. I’m all about quick and easy meals!