Are you ready for tomorrow?

Dirt Cheap Nutrition - get the best tips for stretching your dollars and improving your nutrition!

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it’s time for our cook-along through my new book, Dirt Cheap Nutrition! I’ll be blogging along as I gear up for my weekend cook-up, which is how we survived all those months on a budget of $25/week.

There is no need to be concerned that this challenge will take much time! The practices I wrote about in my book are super simple and quick to complete. The whole challenge is to share my simple ways of making nutrition accessible, even on the tiniest of budgets. For example, today for a snack I popped a bag of popcorn. During the 2 minutes it was in the microwave, I fed Lord Voldemort (my sourdough starter).

Grab your copy of Dirt Cheap Nutrition, make sure you have the necessary basics on hand, and meet me back here tomorrow!


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