The latest crunchy experiment

I’ve been feeling a little overworked and underproduction recently, so I wanted to pick some projects that would rejuvenate me and be good for my family. Project 1: sourdough! 

I took to Pinterest for this one. There are so many recipes for what to do with sourdough starter besides the standard sourdough bread. I have visions of rolls, coffee cake, and focaccia. 

My first two baking experiments were pretzels and English muffins. I got the recipe for pretzels here and English muffins here

The thing that is most different about sourdough is the time it takes to make. The starter itself needs to grow for 5 days before it’s ready to harvest for baking. But the recipes also take over a full day to make. 

Making pretzels were the most difficult part. The dough isn’t very fun to work with without a lot of extra flour, and they rise a bit and look nothing like pretzels. Next time I think I’ll be more liberal with the extra flour. 

After I made the pretzel globs, I was really excited when the English muffins actually looked like they were supposed to! 

I have tortilla dough resting on the counter now. I’m looking forward to BBQ chicken quesadillas for supper! 

Question: do you say dinner or supper for the last meal of the day? 

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    1. Thank you! I actually ran upstairs after the first batch yelling “honey! They actually look like English muffins!”

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