Weekends in Paradise

Alright ya’ll, so I’m working on making blogging part of a routine again and I’m super pumped to start #MakeoverYourEvenings on Monday with you! But because this little slice of heaven is so perfect, I just have to share the beautiful weekend routine we have created for ourselves: 


Wake up late, make brunch. Saturdays are pancake days. Lately I’ve been making this recipe from Wellness Mama by throwing all the ingredients into my Ninja blender and then pouring it from the blender onto the griddle. I top my pancakes with melted coconut oil and it is just delicious. 

Then we clean up the house and I put Tristan into his carrier and we walk to the coffee house. They know us there and the younger baristas love to interact with Tristan. Some mornings they have a local musician playing and we stay to enjoy the music. On mornings that they don’t have a musician, we take our coffee to go and head across the street to the park. 

After a walk around the town and some play time in the park, we head over to the library to pick out new books and movies for the week. 

Then we head home for a nice lunch, after which we head upstairs to the gym for a workout. Yes, working out has become a routine for me! I’m even enjoying it! Miracles do happen. 

We spend our evenings watching movies and enjoying being a family. 

On Sundays we basically repeat Saturdays, just without the coffee and the library. We go grocery shopping if we didn’t do that on Friday and I get a basic idea of meals for the week. I also do our meal prepping, which includes making muffins for our breakfasts during the weekdays. 

I absolutely love living in this peaceful little town. I could not have imagined a better place for our family to grow and be nurtured. 

Happy weekend!! 
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9 thoughts on “Weekends in Paradise

  1. Those muffins are glorious! Nice and big and fluffy! The pancake recipe sounds good, I LOVE Wellness Mama! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I’m not sure if it makes a huge difference or not, but the recipe calls for baking soda and I use baking powder instead. I’ve been doing that recently and it seems to help things be fluffier!

  2. Aw that’s nice that you are enjoying the town you are in and being a lovely family. By the way, you’re muffins look delish.

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