*Giveaway* A jar of coconut oil!

How to score a free jar of coconut oil, this week only!

I’m a crunchy mama and a hippie. Coconut oil is basically my go-to for, well, everything. And for good reason! Coconut oil is good for your entire body.

Coconut oil is extremely high in lauric acid, a compound also found in breastmilk that helps boost your body’s immune system. It is a medium chain triglyceride, which means that the triglyceride chains are small enough to be absorbed quickly and used for energy, but without the side effects of eating a sugar-laden donut.

A few years back I purchased a 5 gallon tub of coconut oil, and I keep smaller jars all over the house for its wide variety of uses. We have one in the bathroom as a very effective shaving cream and moisturizer, and a little goes a very long way. We have one in the nursery because it acts as a cloth diaper-safe cream for whenever our little dude has tummy troubles. I like to oil pull before a trip to the dentist to make sure my mouth is sparkling clean. Katie (aka WellnessMama) taught me that coconut oil taken in larger doses internally is an important part of a sun-safe diet, and my favorite way to meet my daily intake goals was in smoothies and bulletproof coffee.

So you see, coconut oil is a staple of any crunchy household. That’s why I’m so excited and honored to get to pair up with Thrive Market to offer a free jar of coconut oil to all new customers with their first order from now through March 25!

Thrive Market is a new way to shop. It’s basically Whole Foods at Aldi prices with a Costco membership. Super high quality, your choice of top name brands (tons of organic), but all at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.

My favorite parts about Thrive Market are the membership details. First, I love that there aren’t any contracts. You buy what you want, when you want, and that’s it. Second, when you purchase a membership, you are providing two memberships – one for you and one for a low-income family. Finally, a company that believes (as I do) that good food should be affordable! Third, your first order is fee-free. You don’t actually have to pay for a membership until you have tried it and fallen in love! Fourth, shipping is free for all orders over $49! So really…there’s no reason not to join.

To get your free jar of coconut oil, click here and place your first order. If you already have a Thrive Market account, you can also qualify for a free jar of coconut oil for any order over $50.

Do you have an account at Thrive Market? Do you want one?


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