Late-night ramblings of the not yet moved

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late night ramblings before we leave our first home
It’s past midnight. Officially 4 days left until our next big adventure begins. Ever since we embarked on our whirlwind tour of Iowa for 3 interviews in 20 hours (and accepted a job from interview #1 less than an hour after I left interview #3), time has sped up and yet been strangely calm.

We have dedicated this week to careful planning of every detail. I am being neurotically organized, writing down every detail in a notebook with the names, dates, times, and confirmation numbers of every conversation I’ve had with utility companies and the movers. After the move (aka, after I know what I’m talking about) I will post about our moving experience and if I like our plan. In theory it sounds quite perfect. I’ll let you know.

We are also meeting up with several friends and family to say goodbye. Not forever, of course, because we will only be 5 hours away (and we are coming back next month for our current town’s annual celebration of coffee because…well, it’s coffee). But it does mean that every day is filled with lots of people, places to go to see the people, and usually those places have coffee (thankfully). Today I got to see a friend from college and her boys. The younger one is just one day younger than Tristan. Watching them play together was so cute and I suddenly realized that Tristan won’t get to be around kids his age unless we find him some friends. I hope there are some families we can connect with when we get there.

4 days. 4 days until we leave our first home. We chose it together right after we got engaged. We came home before going to our honeymoon so we could put away the leftover food. Tristan was born here. He took his first steps here. He plays peekaboo around the corner and knows where to go to find his things. Everything we could want is within walking distance, including the metro link we took to Busch Stadium for Tristan’s first Cardinals’s game. I’m so thankful for all these memories. Of course we will make new memories at the new house, especially since it has a yard. There’s just something about the firsts of things that’s tugging on my tired, emotional, mama heart tonight.

Thanks for listening, friends. I am thankful to share this adventure with all of you.

Thanks for sharing!

One thought on “Late-night ramblings of the not yet moved

  1. New adventures are always a little scary and exciting. Leaving behind the familiar to charter new territories can and will be a true growing experience. I too shared a lot of firsts with you in your sweet home and its very difficult to say good bye. I will miss knowing you’ll no longer be a thirty minute drive away for lunch, a walk around the zoo, or visiting one of the two history museums 🙂 Not seeing the weekly changes in how Tristan is growing and holding him in my arms will be one of the most difficult, so Skype often please!! I love you all so very much and I want what is best for you. I want you to be happy, safe and prosperous in your new home. I will miss you more than words can say…I am always here for you.

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