How to Get What You Want…FOR FREE

How to use what you have to get what you want for free. Frugal and creative living at its finest!

Okay okay, so there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But have you ever thought about bringing back the barter system?

I absolutely love bartering. If I have something that you need, find useful, or believe is beautiful, it makes sense to trade! Money is tight for many of us, and the thrifty home manager finds creative ways to stretch a dollar. Bartering is a way you can live “for free,” since the exchange of money is not involved and uses only what you already have.

Last summer I traded a gallon of Tropical Tradition’s coconut oil for several pounds of meat for my family. Read about it on my reader tip.

In December I was able to trade again. We had been talking about getting a toy chest for Tristan’s ever-growing toy population, and I happened to see a friend (who actually lives in the same neighborhood) put a large toy chest on the local buy/sell/trade site for $60. I knew we wouldn’t spend $60 on a toy chest but I also knew she had been wanting a few essential oils for awhile. So I messaged her and asked if she would consider a trade and she agreed! The following weekend she brought over the toy chest and I gave her three bottles of essential oils ($60 worth) I had purchased with free product points. It was a great trade!

What do you think about the practice of bartering? Have you bartered before? Tell me in the comments!