Why I’m not a Target Mom

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Why I'm not a Target mom, benefits of minimalism, contentment with finances

{Let me preface this by saying I love shopping at Target. I love the quality of the products, I love the colors, I love the makeup, I love all the baby clothes that seem to always be on clearance. But what I don’t love is the focus on “more”.}

I always figured I would be “the Target mom.” You know the one. The mom in the yoga pants, workout top and a puffy vest, pushing her cart with her kid with one hand and holding her Starbucks cup in the other. Or the one who is dressed in the latest trends and looks super put together. And pushes her super-put-together kid in the cart while she drinks her Starbucks. Either way, coffee is included. But as it turns out, I am neither of those moms (but if you are, my hat’s off to you, I think you’re awesome!).

I turned out to be the mom who makes her makeup and her toothpaste, doesn’t paint her nails much because of the toxins in nail polish, and (probably most importantly when it comes to Target or any other fun store) I am the mom who practices contentment and minimalism.

I want our home to be full of memories, not nicknacks. I rarely buy new anything, not because we can’t afford it (because now we can), but because our value system is different now. We have seen how far our money can go with a little effort.

If we genuinely need something new, we happily go to Target. But I can’t let myself wander because the temptation for more stuff, spending more money, and buying things we don’t need is too strong for me. Even though I do really like those Santa hat-wearing Walrus pajama pants.

As we come in to 2016, I want our focus to be on our family and enjoying every moment of Tristan exploring his world. I have not changed my purse in over a year – why would I want another one? I do not need another pair of shoes. Those things are fun but they take the focus away from what is truly important.

I would like to challenge each of you (and myself) to make each day count this year, and to make more memories than purchases.

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