Lessons from the kitchen sink

life lessons from a kitchen sink - plus a free download!

Last night I grabbed a big handful of freshly cleaned silverware and as I was drying it, I dropped one. Then, because I didn’t learn the first time, I grabbed another large handful of silverware (how do we go through 7 forks in a day???), and I dropped another clean one on the ground.

My husband is the king of learning life lessons in the smallest of tasks. His example has been great as I’ve learned to look for wisdom in hidden places. Last night I realized that as much as I think I can handle sometimes, and as good a job as I think I’m doing, if I’m carrying too big a load, something is bound to fall. Sometimes multiple things. Breaking Busy and calming your calendar - plus a free download!

One cool thing about being a blogger is that I get to preview books before they get released. Most recently, I was sent this new book called Breaking Busy. Alli Worthington is the mother of 5 boys and has learned the hard way that sometimes you can’t do it all and that not only is that okay, but that’s how we were created.

Her book has helped me take a step back and reprioritize my life and realize that my first priorities are as a wife and as a mom. Once those are solid, then I can branch out and help other people. I think it’s tempting in today’s world to see the opportunities to help others and you take them, whether out of feelings of obligation, fear of people judging you, or even just wanting people to think well of you. Alli does a great job of encouraging women to take a deep breath and make your family your priority, and reminding us that rest is necessary for any sort of ministry.

As her gift to her readers, she is offering chapter 6 as a free download right now!  It’s about Christmas, so perfect timing as we head into what is supposed to be a sacred and precious time but is too often forgotten in the harried materialism that has overcome the season.