Makeover Your Mornings: Day 3

I love having a clean kitchen!
I love having a clean kitchen!

How did your Day 2 go?  I have to admit, for me it’s very helpful to be accountable here – last night both Peter and Tristan went to sleep and I had the option of skipping dishes and going straight to sleep.  But knowing that I had to blog about Day 2 and how I did with the whole “waking up to a clean kitchen” thing was the push I needed to stay up and get everything cleaned up. I also put ham in the crockpot so it could cook overnight.

The result? When we woke up this morning I was able to serve a breakfast of scrambled eggs, ham, banana bread, coffee, and juice in less than 10 minutes because all I needed to do was make the coffee and eggs.  Everything else was ready and the kitchen was clean.

Ya’ll, it is SO nice to wake up to a tidy home and especially a clean kitchen!  I just finished doing the dishes after lunch and now the kitchen is clean again and I’m just listening to a personal development audiobook while Tristan sleeps. Would this happen without a clean kitchen?  Maybe, but there is a level of relaxation only reached when one has the knowledge that all responsibilities are taken care of.  And I know I wouldn’t be listening to an audiobook because who wants to listen to something to push you to be better when you feel like you’re drowning? Exactly. That’s what I thought. And now I have encouragement to keep going, keep pushing, keep improving, both for me and for the benefit of my family.

This quote just came on the audiobook: “Regret weighs pounds, discipline weighs ounces.” Powerful words!  I want that cross-stitched on a pillow or something.

So onto Day 3: What are your “big rocks?”  What are your non-negotiables?  I’ll blog my thoughts on this tomorrow!

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