November challenge

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When I started at my new job in August, I agreed to a Monday-Thursday 8am-6pm schedule.  Tristan is still waking up at least once during the night (usually twice), so needless to say I require coffee in the morning.  By the time I get home I am usually exhausted and only want to spend time with my little family – NOT have to worry about household tasks.

Before, this would mean that dishes wouldn’t get done until we were out of silverware.  I had no idea what we were having for dinner so I would either convince Peter to stop at Aldi for a $6 pizza or we wouldn’t eat dinner until past 8pm.  And then I would be too tired to do dishes.  God help us all if Tristan was running out of diapers and I needed to wash a load of cloth diapers.

Imagine my excitement then when I found an email one day from my favorite blogger, Crystal Paine, talking about her new Makeover Your Mornings course!  I signed up right away and started the challenges.  The timing was perfect!  In the course of the 14-day program, I implemented a morning routine, a list of easy dinners that I can either throw in the crockpot the morning of or put together quickly as soon as I get home from work.  I was also able to start what I feel is the most important for our family’s success – an evening routine!  Thanks to the evening routine I have the dishes washed (waking up to a clean kitchen is so refreshing!), I know what clothes I’m going to wear the following day, and I have everything packed up and ready to leave.  This means I can arrive at work prepared and with the full knowledge that I have taken care of my family while I’m gone.


It was so helpful that I’m going to work through it again, this time blogging my way through it as well. With the holidays (and Tristan’s birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas all within the same week) approaching, I thought it would be good to fine-tune my mornings for optimal productivity, and to allow the maximum time with my family instead of procrastinating or using time inefficiently.

Will you join me?  I’m starting tomorrow so grab your own copy of Makeover Your Morning and join me here tomorrow morning!




Thanks for sharing!

2 thoughts on “November challenge

  1. I will! I actually bought the course a couple months ago on sale, and haven’t started it yet 🙂 I miss you, friend!

    1. Oh yay, I’m so excited to do this with you! I miss you too! Are you enjoying your new place?

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