Just had to share…


this picture of me and Mr. Crunchy at the pumpkin patch this weekend!  We had a wonderful fall day on Sunday….slept in, relaxed, went to a pick-up soccer game where Mr. Crunchy got to play for 2 hours and I got to sit and chat with an adorable older woman named Joan who walked across the parking lot from her house because she saw people playing soccer and she loves watching soccer.  Then we went to Rombach’s pumpkin patch.

Rombach’s is this wonderful pumpkin patch (celebrating 100 years this year!)  with lots of Halloween decorations and pumpkins galore.  We wandered around for awhile, amazed at how much it’s grown in popularity since we were kids.  Oh, right – apparently it was tradition in both of our families to go to Rombach’s!  How fun is that?  Anyways, we loved it and we saw so many parents wearing their babies.  It made us look forward to next year when we can bring Baby Crunchy to the pumpkin patch!

Fall is my favorite season.  I just wish St. Louis would hurry up and decide that it’s fall consistently instead of this back-and-forth weather nonsense.

Happy Tuesday!