Week’s End Recap

Woo!  It’s been a beautiful, rainy, fall-ish, busy busy week! Here’s what’s happening in Crunchy-land recently:


– Mr. Crunchy enjoyed a day off, so we started our day with some sausage, orange juice, coffee, and homemade crepes filled with Nutella (that I got using a “free jar” coupon for submitting a recipe a few months back).  Growing up, most of my breakfasts were cereal, oatmeal, or something of the sort.  Big breakfasts like this always remind me of going out to eat, and even though I’m 25 I still associate breakfasts that include both orange juice and coffee as being on vacation. So days off work generally involve big breakfasts with both orange juice and coffee. 🙂

– 30 weeks (31 on Tuesday!).  Commence constant nesting.  Except with no car during the week, no craft skills to speak of whatsoever, and a house that takes approximately 1 hour to clean from top to bottom (and that includes dusting the baseboards), there’s not much to do.  Baby is moving a TON this week and I swear I can feel my stomach expanding by the minute.  Mr. Crunchy is thoroughly entertained now that Baby Crunchy’s dancing is visible from the outside.

– A competitive training program for our oil business started on Monday. It’s going really well!  I’m learning a lot and I’m loving the daily checklists that make sure I’ve done everything possible that day to build my business effectively and strategically.  Who would have thought this former nurse would be just as mesmerized by business and leadership books as by biology textbooks?

– I have taken Swagbucks MUCH more seriously this past week and my efforts have paid off in $25 worth of Amazon gift cards so far just this week!  Plus, since I hit my daily goals each day for 7 consecutive days (easy once you learn how!), I got a bonus of 25 points.  I’m keeping this up for a month straight, because I want that 300 Swagbuck bonus.  That in itself is almost a full $5 gift card. Score! Plus, did you know that if you order on Amazon through Swagbucks you earn 3 points for each dollar you spend? Revolving door of Swagbucks and gift cards, my friends. Making every dollar count!


– Mr. Crunchy and I have taken up reading to each other as a pastime, and we very much enjoy it.  I am not much for reading aloud usually, but I’m getting more comfortable using emphasis and getting involved in the story.  So far we have read The Hunger Games and are halfway through the sequel, Catching Fire.  Mr. Crunchy has read all the books before, but I haven’t.  We used a free red box code to rent Catching Fire the other night as an inexpensive date night (we have seen both movies together already, but I wanted to watch again after reading the books!).  I’m so excited for the next movie, Mockingjay, to come out next month.  We will probably order Fandango tickets through Swagbucks (you get 10 swagbucks per ticket!). I’m probably going to borrow Mockingjay from the library so we can read it before we go see the movie.

This weekend we plan to do what we like to call “la purga,” which is when we go through the house and find everything superfluous and get rid of it.  Our closet is a little out of control, and I have big plans for my kitchen utensil drawer.  I also think that we will splurge on some apple cider during our grocery trip and take a walk with a mug of warm apple cider.  I’ll need to dig my fuzzy boots out of storage (one must be properly dressed for fall-themed walks, you know).

What are you up to on this fine fall weekend?


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