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I mentioned in my last post that my husband Mr Crunchy and I had some BIG life changes coming up.  Seeing as how it’s now February and everyone has already posted their 2014 goals and life visions, I thought we should probably catch up and do the same.

In early January, after some major soul searching and brainstorming, Mr Crunchy and I decided we would take a huge leap of faith and dedicate our full time work to being independent consultants with DoTERRA essential oils.  Since Peter started to use them in October (and introduced me to them in November) we have seen incredible health improvements.  For starters, Peter’s asthma/chronic bronchitis/worse-case-of-sinusitis-the-doctor-had-ever-seen cleared up and he was able to throw away all SIX of his inhalers.  I have been able to ward off pink eye, ear infections, and we have both stopped massive (and random) allergic reactions to things on our skin within seconds.

So once we decided to go full time into network marketing with this amazing company, we tightened the budget hard-core.  We write down everything we spend and talk together about spending anything…even for gas.  Here are just a few changes we made:

– I cut data off of my phone.  I use the wifi when I just can’t stand being off Facebook any longer.

– We stopped shopping at Whole Foods (*tear*) and subsequently cut out basically everything organic.  This was hard for me at first, but I’m getting used to it and it’s really quite nice to not spend $80-100 a week on groceries…for just me.  Now we spend about $50 for both of us!

– Speaking of organic, we cut out the Green Bean delivery.  All of our groceries now come from Aldi, which is conveniently within walking distance

– Speaking of walking distance, we’re a one-car family.  Peter has a scooter that we will be using most of the time when the weather decides it loves us again.

– Since we are living, working, and traveling together, I’m going to cut my phone entirely once I leave my job.  I’ll get a simple pay-as-you-go phone for the random times we happen to be apart.

As you can imagine, our life just got crazy, but we’re newlyweds – this is the time to go for our dreams!  We are absolutely committed to wellness and helping others promote their body’s own natural healing process.

Be sure to keep an eye on us – this life is an adventure and we want you to share it with us!



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