You put WHAT on your face?

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My evening face care routine is very simple:

* wash face with washcloth and warm water

* use cotton ball to wipe face with homemade toner

* smear face with the clarified adipose tissue of a grass-fed bovine


My face has never been so moisturized and clear since I started using this method!

I learned a long time ago that I cannot use “oil-free” products on my oily skin.  My skin gets dry, irritated, and reacts with more oil than I had in the first place.  It sounds like it would be counter-intuitive, but putting oil on your face actually helps calm oily skin and keeps it from over-producing.  I already practice oil-washing a few times a month which is the same concept (more on that in a later post), so this wasn’t a big hippie leap for me.   The tallow is apparently very similar in chemical structure to our own sebaceous glands that our skin is able to use it as a moisturizer.  Since Mommypotamus already had a wonderful post on it, I will just direct you there to learn all the science behind the tallow.

In my personal experience with tallow, I have found it absolutely wonderful as a skin care product.  Sure, I smell like hamburger for a minute every time I put it on, but it’s shelf-stable, you only need a tiny bit for your whole face, and it absorbs quickly.  I wake up in the morning and my skin is bright, clear, and markedly more moisturized.

I render my own tallow using the crock pot method, but you can also purchase some here.


Thanks for sharing!