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Zero Waste Periods: Natural Alternatives For That Time Of The Month

Thanks for sharing! 13 “This one’s for the giiiiiirrrrrrrrls….” Sorry guys, come back next time. Or continue reading for options for your ladies. Your choice. Okay ladies, let’s talk about something that isn’t talked about enough: the reality of zero waste periods. There might be some of you who think that disposable products are proof that we are evolutionarily superior, but if you’re reading this blog, chances are you are either looking to save  ...

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The Easiest Ways To Build Credit Without Credit Card Debt

Thanks for sharing! 13 We are deep in the middle of buying our dream house, ya’ll! It’s so exciting, but made more complicated by the fact that we don’t have credit – and we aren’t opening up a credit card just to “build” our credit score. That’s right, we are learning how to build credit without credit card debt. Building credit is an important step to pay attention to as soon as you turn 18, because credit scores influence your interest  ...

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Best Money Saving Apps (And How To Earn Cash From App Referrals)

Thanks for sharing! 13 Imagine this: Every single time you go to the grocery store, you leave $1 sitting on the counter. It’s yours, it’s waiting for you, but you leave it there. Let’s be honest here: sometimes, you just need more money. Maybe it’s just a few dollars here and there so you can afford a coffee, or maybe you could really use some extra gas money. Whatever it is, if you aren’t making money from your phone using money-saving apps, you’re  ...

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Brandless: The Organic And Vegan $3 Grocery Store

Thanks for sharing! 13 You might have heard about Brandless, the organic and vegan $3 grocery store. Or maybe not. If you haven’t, let me introduce you! Brandless, this is my Awesome CHL Reader. Awesome CHL Reader, this is Brandless. Brandless is an online retailer that sells everything for $3. They can do this because they are “brandless” – aka, they don’t have to pay the “brand tax” that comes with carrying big name brands. Because of this, they  ...

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