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Fitness Friday: Philosophy

{Amanda here. I’m excited to introduce to you our new Friday special: Fitness Fridays, where my husband Peter takes over the blog and talks about something related to personal training!} 

Fitness Friday

I have worked out ever since I was three years old. I’ve played college soccer, managed a Club Fitness, and now I am a Certified Personal Trainer. After all that I can tell you I am tired of it. Working out is a pain, injuries are disheartening, and let’s face it, gyms suck. They are filled with bros, arrogant trainers, pushy salesmen, and all the people watching you as you attempt to be healthy. Working out is not about fitness anymore, it is about how you can attempt to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Ultimate Yoga Mom.

Working out should not be about looking like Mr. Olympia, it should be about living life well. I don’t care how much you can squat or deadlift. The toll those exercises take on your knees does exist and does not prove you are tough. We should work out to be able to have energy to play with our kids, walk up a set of stairs without losing our breath, and, not to get personal, be better and more confident in the bedroom. We should work out to have healthy bodies and minds. The bros have stolen and perverted working out.

With that perversion we have seen a swing in the opposite direction to where now we call fat beautiful. It’s no longer about health, it’s about insecure people in the gym and in the kitchen trying to validate themselves and it must stop. Being fat is unhealthy. Being anorexic is unhealthy. Spending hours in the gym every day to get those gains is unhealthy. It’s about balance. Gym Selfie Bro is not balanced and neither is Everybody Is Body Shaming Me Victim.

A healthy life knows when it’s time to rest and eat donuts and when it’s time to hit the gym and do yoga.

I feel the initial intimidation from the group of guys by the free weights all trying to one-up and out lift each other, but I remember why I’m working out every time I see my son lifting up his arms for me to give him another ride on my shoulders. He deserves to have a strong and healthy father who lives an example of what healthy people should do.

Our reason for working out must change. We must start taking responsibility for our health and not let excuses and all the body acceptance bull that eliminates personal responsibility and denies the facts about how obesity harms our health stop our commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

So each Friday I will be going over a simple workout or training philosophy that will help reclaim the lost reason for hitting the weights. I look forward to being here!


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