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Why I Instituted a Halftime Report for Setting and Achieving Goals

At the very beginning of 2018, my husband and I were discussing goals and why people view the New Year as a “reset” for the year, and Peter said something very interesting: Unless you were born on January 1, the new year is not actually an entirely new year for you – your year resets on your birthday. Evidently, he has been setting goals for himself every year in July. He then said something even more fascinating – at the 6 month mark, he pauses for reflection and  ...

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Product Reviews

My completely honest review of Lularoe

I love being a blogger. I get to try all sorts of things and report to you if they are worth your time and money. This time, thanks to a college friend, I get to report on clothes! I’ve heard of Lularoe for a year or so, but never purchased anything. I have always heard amazing things about their leggings, but I don’t wear leggings as pants so I was never really interested. I changed my mind once I looked at the catalog and saw all the tunics available. My style is typically a  ...

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Dear Tristan

Dear Tristan, Today is your second birthday. These past two years have flown by, and I treasure every memory I’ve been able to make with you. The day we found out you existed, we spent our last dollar to buy you this sweater. It warms my heart to see that you are now big enough to wear it. The day you were born is one of my favorite memories. You made the entire process of childbirth magical. Now here we are, two years later, and you’re the biggest ball of never-ending energy.  ...

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Why You Need an Evening Routine: The Cure for the Mombie Effect

“Mombie” – a sleep-deprived mom who is barely held together by coffee and yoga pants (or, since I ditched my yoga pants, skinny jeans).  The other morning, I woke up super late. I hadn’t completed my evening routine the night before, so I (somewhat frantically) rushed through my evening and morning routines and was feeling super proud of myself until I got to work and realized I left my coffee on the counter. Mornings happen. Sometimes, despite our best intentions,  ...

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