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Produce delivery service – and a special deal for readers!


Earlier this week I wrote about how I use a produce delivery system.  Today I am so excited to share more about this service.

Green Bean Delivery is known for providing quality organic and local produce, and they have expanded their products to include several other categories of groceries.  In fact, I could probably do all of my grocery shopping through Green Bean!

The ordering process is simple.  To sign up you first choose a produce bin.  Roomie and I get the small produce bin for $35, and we chose the every two weeks delivery option (every week is also available).  We have learned that for the two of us, usually the small produce bin gives us the quantity we like and variety of produce to last us for the two weeks.

After you choose the produce bin, you can also add groceries if you choose.  We have a standing order for a dozen eggs.  Usually we add a half gallon of milk.  I have also ordered their grass-fed beef and it was delicious.

My favorite part about the delivery system is that you can customize your box according to your needs, while also getting the opportunity to try new kinds of produce.  Roomie and I have enjoyed trying new recipes with leeks, broccolette, and let’s not forget the look on my coworkers’ faces when I brought purple carrots with my lunch (delicious, by the way!).

The quality of the produce is outstanding.  On more than one occasion this summer, I came home with organic strawberries from a grocery store a day before I got organic strawberries from Green Bean (thinking I would use them all in smoothies before the delivery).  Within three days of purchase, the grocery store strawberries were squishy and moldy!  Almost two weeks after a delivery, our organic Green Bean strawberries were still plump and juicy, without any hint of wanting to be compost food.

The best part of this blog post?  Green Bean would like to give my readers $15 off their first order (or reactivation of accounts!).  This offer expires on November 8th, so act quickly!  You won’t regret it, I promise!


Note: this is my referral link.  Please see my disclosure page for more information.