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DIY Coffee Grounds Facial Scrub

I think it’s safe to say that my love of coffee comes slightly under my love of my husband.  And that it’s a much bigger deal to me to not be able to go get my $12 bag of organic, fair-trade, locally roasted whole bean coffee every few weeks than it really should be. So when I realized that cutting the budget meant cutting my specialty coffee (we could save $5 a month and go to no coffee at all, but really – who wants that?), I started saving my specialty coffee grinds.  ...

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How to Make Continuous Brew Kombucha at Home

In Liz Wolfe’s book, Skintervention, she suggests eating something fermented every day to improve gut health.  So, in keeping with her “improve gut health and you will improve skin health” philosophy, I have braved the world of fermentables. Why would you eat moldy foods? First off, no, I do not eat moldy foods.  There is a difference between “moldy” and “fermented”.  And thank goodness there are more options than just pickles or sauerkraut. Foods  ...

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7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy Food on a Small Budget

Has anyone ever told you “it’s too expensive to eat well, you can’t find healthy food to eat on a budget?” I’m here to tell you something big: that’s a myth. It is possible – if not easy – to find (and create!) cheap healthy food to eat on a budget. When I first moved out on my own, my food budget was $27 every two weeks.  This did not include money for milk and eggs purchased from a farmer, but did include everything else.  My grocery budget  ...

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