How to Set Goals You Will Actually Want to Accomplish: 2016

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setting goals to live a better life

I can’t believe it’s almost 2016! As much as I am so not a winter girl, I do love the end of the year because it’s time to set goals again. Being married at this time is even more fun because I get to set new goals with Peter and we can achieve them together!

How to make goals you will actually accomplish in 2016

Everyone posts “how to set goals that actually work” posts around this time. But rarely do I see posts about setting goals that not only may be necessary, but also goals that excite you. That motivate you to get out of bed each day.

Don’t forget to set a reward!

For instance, we want to go to London to see Arsenal play at the Emirates stadium and visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (with the actual movie sets!). But before we even start saving for that, we have a financial goal we want to hit first. So all the scrimping and saving we do this year will help us get to Harry Potter faster! That’s plenty of incentive for me!

how to write goals for 2016

Here are some of our goals:


Рby December 31, have a certain amount saved. We are starting the year with about 41% of this goal saved.  Each month I will post our progress!

– pay off all student loans (this will make us debt free!)


– Peter to start learning a martial art

– Peter to finish his degree

– Amanda to get a workout routine down

– Tristan will continue being awesome


– take at least 3 small weekend trips as a family

– gradually transition to an 80% organic diet (made possible by buying our nonperishables online using swagbucks gift cards!) Each month I will post our progress with earning swagbucks and how much we were able to purchase.


-find 4 blogs to feature a guest post

– publish 4 articles

– continue to study blogging, Pinterest, and periscope

– conquer my fear of periscope and actually start scoping

What are you going to accomplish in 2016?

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    1. I just don’t know what I would scope about consistently! Other than like “hi…these are the shoes I’m wearing today…” but I can’t even talk about buying shoes at places or anything because I get them at Goodwill lol.

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