“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9

Dear Readers,

My husband and I did not have a fairy-tale love story.  In fact, it was riddled with more pain than either of us had experienced before.  But this is OUR story.

People have been sabotaging us from the very beginning, spreading lies and gossip and slander.  My heart aches at how many people never got to know my husband’s true personality because they heard so many rumors and lies before meeting him that it clouded their judgement. We have gone to these people, separately and together, asking for them to stop.  Asking for peace.  Asking for a conversation to clear up their own misunderstandings.  These requests have been met with hostility, condescension, and unfortunately the realization that their pride is better for them than realizing their own sin.

My husband has written a short recap of all the drama on his blog.  Please read it.  We need these rumors to stop.  We have asked for peace for the past 11 months.  We fought it quietly.  But Matthew 18 dictates that if you have a conflict with a person, you are to go to that person to talk.  If they refuse, you bring more people.  If they still refuse, you go bigger.

We have lost so many friends and family over our relationship, and that breaks our hearts.  A marriage is a joyful union, not a crisis.

Many blessings,

Amanda and Peter


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  1. Hi, guys!
    I am saddened to hear that there are groups of people who take it upon themselves to make such messes. Love can overcome many obstacles! It is silly to think that someone feels it necessary to tell two young people to not see one another, and naturally pursue a healthy relationship.
    I wish you two all the best and hope that healing is ever-constant!

    - Jill

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