Hey, Mr. Crunchy here! My wife wanted me to tell you all about my newest healthy discovery so I guess I will give this a try. Ever since we got married my wife has started changing my diet, habits, and well, pretty much my whole life. Since I am already a former college soccer player and I go to the gym regularly, I wasn’t opposed to these changes and I am benefitting a lot from the hippie lifestyle I have now fully embraced.

If you are like me, you probably have a hard time eating vegetables and fruits. Let’s face it, they are expensive, go bad quickly, and end up being thrown away and not benefitting us at all. That’s why I was intrigued when I found out about Juice Plus. Since I am not very detailed like my wife is, I will put it into words that I could understand: you take all of the good fruits and vegetables, take out the water and most of the fiber, and you take the dehydrated 25,000+ phytonutrients (seriously) that are left and you put them in a pill. It’s literally that simple. This allows me to receive all of the benefits of eating healthy, while taking away a lot of the cost of buying fresh produce and a lot of the frustration when most of it goes bad before you can eat it. Besides, I don’t really like the taste of a lot of the food that is good for me anyway.

The great thing is that I can get all of the nutrients my body desperately needs, take away the pain of watching my produce rot, increase my desire to eat healthy since Juice Plus helps change your cravings, and do all of this for less than $1.50 a day. I hope you can admit, just like I had to, that we are lazy when it comes to eating right. It takes time and a lot of money to be healthy and sadly, my mom has never made anything as good as some of the fast food I’ve had (sorry mom). Taking a few pills a day can make me feel a lot better about the rest of my terrible eating choices during the rest of the day. Kinda like when I hit the gym in the morning, I really do deserve to eat the brownies Mrs. Crunchy made (i earned it).

Don’t get me wrong, we will still eat our fruits and vegetables. I will eat a few and Mrs. Crunchy will eat the rest. But even with all of the produce we buy and eat, we will never get all of the nutrients we need to be and stay healthy. I will always prefer to eat something quick and easy (aka unhealthy), but with Juice Plus I know that I am not starving my body of what it needs. Also, Juice Plus helps you start to actually like eating right. Unfortunately my soda addiction will soon start to disappear (I’d swear my wife planned this).

Well, I guess I better wrap this up. I finally found a way to be healthy, lazy, and save money so I think it’s a win-win. Essential oils helped save my life and now I can thrive with a better diet choice.







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  1. Catherine Prescher on March 27, 2014 at 3:53 am said:

    My brother, Andrew Cone,, along with his wife, Heidi, have been Juice Plus distributors for years.

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