Did you know:

Tylenol, a staple in almost every standard home, just had the “safe dose” lowered because it was found to cause liver failure.

Common acid-reflux medications like Prilosec can increase your risk of clostridium difficile – a nasty bug that has a high risk of dehydration-related complications and is the bane of every nurse’s existence. It also can increase your risk of bone fractures.

Want to know some natural solutions to these common issues?  We are teaching our first webinar this Wednesday, October 1, at 7pm central time.  Get ready to learn what you can do to not just deal with health concerns as they come, but be proactive in your family’s health care.  Click here to register.


Today’s post (in theory) was supposed to be showing you all what a little baker I’ve been – this past week or two I’ve made several southern-influenced meals, but also learned how to make special treats like bagels and bread bowls.  The other night I made broccoli cheddar soup and served it in homemade bread bowls.  Not only did it almost look like Bread Co, but my anti-soup husband said he really liked it!  But alas, I took pictures of it with his phone, not mine or my camera, and they were accidentally deleted.

So the memory of the beautiful domestic moment will live on only in mine and my husband’s memory.  (Btw I used the soup recipe from here and the bread bowl recipe from here)

Here’s a picture of the bagels I made (using this recipe, and kneading in some cinnamon sugar for the swirls!).  They turned out so well!  And also, I learned that I much prefer these bagels topped with peanut butter instead of cream cheese.  Who knew??


I do want to get into the habit of posting regularly again, though – I’ve definitely missed the creative outlet that is blogging!  Tonight I just wanted to share one quick piece of news with you:

On Friday, we received another promotion with doTERRA!  We have worked hard for this particular goal for months and to finally reach it and now start planning for the next goal is really exciting and we are so thrilled.  It is such a joy and a blessing to get texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages on an almost daily basis from people who we have been able to share with and hear how it is changing their lives.

I know I’ve had a lot about oils recently.  This blog will not be overrun with oil info, I promise!  I did have several people say they wanted me to talk a bit more about essential oils and share some research information here, so there will be some of that, but I promise I won’t make this an “all-oils-all-the-time” page, and I won’t constantly ask you to buy from us.  I do hope, though, that you and I are good enough friends by now that you will be excited with us!

Celebrating with mint M&Ms!

Celebrating with mint M&Ms!

…that our amazing company was offering free gift baskets in your first 60 days with us, what would you say?

One person on our Facebook page said “what’s the catch?”

So I wanted to give you all some details, because I’m super stoked about it and I think you will be too!


Root-To-Tip or Active Life kits: 500 points each

Starting today, new Wellness Advocates can “opt in” to what’s called the Share Program - when they enroll a new person within their first 60 days as a Wellness Advocate (hereafter referred to as WA), they not only earn a bonus check from the company (standard), but now they also earn credits  that they can trade in for various gift baskets. You can earn baskets worth 500, 1000, or 2000 credits.


Spa Facial Kit or Healthy Style Kit: 1,000 points

And, starting today, all existing WAs can opt in as well!

Why is this a fabulous incentive?  Because it encourages those who are brand new to the company to share the amazing products with their friends!  It’s like a really awesome “hostess reward,” if you will.  AND, the bigger gift baskets include the brand new products that were just unveiled at convention (like the new preservative-free, plant-based skin care line and the totally adorable petal diffuser).  Some kits include supplements, too!


Luxury Kit or Home Guard Kit: 2,000 points

So how do you sign up as a Wellness Advocate?  If you aren’t currently working with a WA already, we would love to get you started on your journey!  When you join our team, you get access to tons of resources, education, and support, whether you want to simply be a user of the products or build a business.   Click here, then click on “join” in the upper right corner and follow the steps to enroll as a WA (this incentive is not available to Preferred Members!).  If you desire help in choosing which enrollment kit would work best for you and your needs, email me at amanda@crunchyhippielife.com and put “doTERRA” in the subject line.  And btw, in September our team is promoting the Natural Solutions kit ($550, with a total savings of over $415 in the month of September!) by sending you a FREE package of On Guard hand soap and 2 dispensers as our thank you!  The Natural Solutions kit has everything you need to get started with doTERRA in your home and new wellness lifestyle.

Disclaimer: These links are our affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase through our links, Mr Crunchy and I thank you for supporting us and this blog! 

My husband works long hours, so when he gets a day off we try to make the most of it!  Besides errands, we added in some fun this past Thursday!

We started off the day at the library to use the printer.  While there, Mr. Crunchy borrowed 4 movies I’ve never seen before. Total cost as long as we return them by the due date: free!

Starbucks is doing a Buy One, Get One Free deal on their fall-themed drinks (pumpkin spice latte, salted caramel latte, and the amazing Oprah chai) through tomorrow between 2-6pm.  We haven’t been to any coffee place in a very long time due to our budget. When we want fun coffee I usually make some at home.  We stopped there and got grande lattes.  Total: $5.

Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel…mmmmm…...

Pumpkin Spice and Salted Caramel…mmmmm……

Mr. Crunchy loves trains and several months ago we had talked about doing a date day at the Museum of Transportation – until we saw the price ($12/adult).  I noticed a month or so ago that Groupon had a deal for two tickets (and two tickets to ride the miniature train!) for $10.  Money was still tight, so we thought about it for awhile.  On Labor Day, the price went down to $7.50!  SOLD!

We got there about an hour after the last train ride for the day, so the nice man at the ticket counter gave us two tickets for the train. They don’t expire, so we are planning on returning in the spring for Baby Crunchy’s first train ride experience.

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  It was so nice to walk around outside.  Inside they had a whole building of classic cars – including TWO 1957 Chevy BelAirs (my favorite cars).  I was thoroughly fascinated, and once again talked my poor husband’s ear off about how I want one someday. He’s really very patient with me.

We needed groceries and as we did a power-walk through Aldi (armed with our list and the calculator), I noticed that not only were we under budget, but the Hawaiian take-and-bake pizzas were marked down from $5.99 each to $2.99 each!  There were two left, so we snatched them both up. We had one for dinner while we watched one of the movies from the library and froze the other one.  Total: $2.99


So to recap, we spent all day together, got coffee, went to the Museum of Transportation, and enjoyed a pizza and a movie date night for the grand total of less than $16. We also walked around the mall and bought Mr. Crunchy a new pair of pants at Macy’s and only paid $5 using a gift card!

What do you do for some frugal dates?

Note on Groupons: you can purchase them through your Swagbucks account and earn 6 Swagbucks per dollar you spend!

These links are my affiliate links.  If you choose to use them to make your purchases, Mr Crunchy and I thank you!

Mrs Crunchy here, Queen of Procrastination.  Here with a tip for you.

I hope I am not the only one with a long list of “I really should ______” when it comes to housework.  I have been very bad about putting things off with the “I’ll get to it” mindset.

Maybe I’m finally accepting the reality that adults have to clean up even when it’s boring or gross, or maybe it’s nesting, but I’ve figured out a way to conquer the Procrastination Beast:

I do one thing every day that I’ve been avoiding.

That’s it.  Just one.  One little thing (well, along with the meal management and other daily chores).

Yesterday, that meant climbing on a chair and wiping down the blades of the fan in the kitchen.  Today it meant scrubbing the inside and outside of the outer part of the crockpot (it experienced a nasty encounter with some beef broth awhile back).  Tomorrow, it will probably mean wiping out the microwave.

The point is, yes, I could do all these things all at once and just get it all over and done with today, but that misses the point.  I am a procrastinator.  And by procrastinating until I do everything in a whirlwind all at once, I only teach myself that accomplishing these tasks leaves my pregnant self tired and cranky.  I want to remind myself that in reality, cleaning is simple, easy to maintain, and I actually do enjoy it.

It might be silly, but it’s what works for me.

photo credit


Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com is working hard to promote the Ultimate Health Living Bundle - which, you guys, seriously, is the best deal ever. Over $1,000 worth of ebooks, information, online classes, etc for $29.97!  The sale ends in just 2 days so hurry to get yours! As a thank you for helping to promote this bundle, she is hosting a giveaway for a Vitamix AND a $500 Amazon gift card!

Btw, none of these links are my affiliate links.  I don’t get anything from promoting this other than an entry for that Vitamix! :)

Last year around this time, I purchased a Groupon for a lobster dinner for 6 – 6 lobsters, 6 crab cakes, and 4 lbs of mussels, all from Maine, which is basically the best place to eat any of those things.  And then I forgot about it.

Until I got a notification “your Groupon is about to expire!”

Our finances have been tight recently and so fun things like eating out and indulging endlessly on pumpkin spice lattes have been cut, so the thought of a huge lobster dinner that I already paid for a long time ago? What fun!

We invited another young, newly-ish married and expecting couple over for dinner.  They brought a salad and some delicious chocolate gelato and we prepared for quite the feast!

And then we realized that none of us had ever cooked lobster.  I just kept thinking of the “lobster killer” scene from “Julie and Julia.”


And then we realized I was the only one to have ever successfully dismembered a lobster.  And we didn’t have the cracking tools.  Oh well, we made the best of it!

A peak into our adventures (sorry for the quality of the pictures, the phone was a lot less cumbersome than my big DSLR camera!):

Opening the box!


Two pots with lobsters, one skillet with white wine and LOTS of butter for the mussels!

Two pots with lobsters, one skillet with white wine and LOTS of butter for the mussels!


First course: crab cakes and caesar salad.  So delicious.

First course: crab cakes and caesar salad. So delicious.

Second course: Lobster.

Second course: Lobster.

It took awhile to figure out the best ways of cracking open the lobster without the proper lobster-cracking tools.  There may or may not have been moments where juices and meat flew across the kitchen in the midst of the struggle.

Mr Crunchy wasn't sure about this idea.

Mr Crunchy wasn’t sure about this idea.

By the time the mussels were ready I was far too excited (and my fingers were too messy) to take pictures of the rest of the meal.  But rest assured, the mussels were delicious as well.  And so was the gelato (thanks, friends!).

It was such a treat to be able to share an extravagant meal with friends, especially since we are all on tight budgets and Helen and I spend a lot of time talking about budgeting and swapping healthy frugal recipes.

Since we had 2 lobsters, 2 crab cakes, and a whole lot of mussels left over, I’ve been using the leftovers and making things like lobster salad, lobster pasta with a tomato-basil cream sauce (with a drop of Basil essential oil – OMG amazing!), seafood chowder (Mr Crunchy said it was the best he’s ever had- success!), macaroni and cheese with mussels and peas, and tonight we will have the crab cakes that have been frozen with some salad and corn muffins.

I contacted the company and told them how much we enjoyed our meal and asked if there were any specials I could tell you all about.  There are!  For a limited time (read: he didn’t tell me when this special is ending), you can get the lobster dinner for 6 for $199 (normally $310!).  Not ready to deal with lobster guts or the slightly emotionally traumatic event of boiling a live lobster? Check out their most popular seller, the 2 lbs of fresh picked lobster meat for $129 (normally $149).

Have you ever had a homemade lobster dinner?  Do you even like seafood?

Note: These links are NOT my affiliate links.  I don’t get anything back from this if you purchase. I just got really excited about seafood and I thought you might, too. :)

With the baby coming, I’m looking for ways to creatively stretch our budget to include money for fun splurges, like Starbucks or cute things from the Target dollar bin or the occasional super-expensive Paleo “treat” online (spiralizer, anyone? . It’s hard to justify those splurges when we have a budget that we stick to, so I’ve been enjoying practicing contentment and making the most of what we have.  It’s really been a great lesson, but it’s nice to be able to provide some extra fun into our week too!


Have you ever heard of Swagbucks?  

I used it a lot several years ago, and then for whatever reason I stopped.  However, a few weeks ago when I was looking for ways to give us a bit more “fun” money, I resigned up for Swagbucks and am over halfway to earning my first gift card!

How do you earn points? 

– The most popular way to earn points is through using their search engine. When you search, you can earn several points (usually I earn 11 points).  This doesn’t happen every time you type something, but usually every 3-5 times.  I do a lot of searching during the day, so I can collect points that way.  Plus, if you install their toolbar, you get points daily just for having it exist on your computer.

– Answering the daily poll earns you 1 point a day.

– Watching videos earns you 3 points for every 10 videos you earn.  I usually open them in a separate tab, mute my computer, and have them going in the background while I work.  You can do this until you run out of videos.  Usually I earn 6 points a day.

– Daily deals are my favorite!  If you normally shop at Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, even Groupon and Living Social, you can purchase through Swagbucks and earn a certain amount of points back per dollar.

– By printing their coupons and using them, you earn points back.

– Referrals.  They changed their referral policy from what it was the last time I was a member and now when you refer someone you get 10% of their points for life! (used to be matched for the first 60 days and then nothing).

– Bonus points.  You have a “daily goal” to earn 30 points a day.  If you do, you get awarded with 3 extra Swagbucks.  Then they bump up the goal to 100 points. I have yet to do those (but I get the 30).


Maybe you want a little bonus money. Maybe you want to pay for Christmas gifts for free.  Maybe you need some wiggle room with your grocery budget.  Swagbucks is a great way to get you any of those!  So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning those gift cards!


Note: These links are my referral links. If you choose to sign up through us, we thank you very much!  If that makes you uncomfortable, please sign up through here. 



The month-planning essentials!

The month-planning essentials!

I love the beginning of each month.  It’s a chance to sit down, see how far we’ve come since last month, what needs to be accomplished this month, and setting specific goals for how to get there.  It’s a chance to connect with my mentors and be re-energized by them, and to turn around and share that joy and passion with those I mentor.  Specifically this month, because this month is September and it’s my favorite month for a variety of reasons:

– the coming of FALL!

– pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING

– I will finally get to wear the super cute maternity tunic a friend gave me!

– the start of a new online Bible study I joined.  I’m looking forward to getting to know these women as we study Scripture together!

– the insane growth of our doTERRA team over the past few months, and the momentum we have going into this month. And the special doTERRA is running this month (and the specials MY team is running this month!).  (If you’re curious, send me an email at: amanda@crunchyhippielife{dot}com)

– the return of the season of butternut and acorn squash.  Mama loves her vitamin A-rich vegetables.





Today I’m going to take you through our “medicine” cabinet.  Because, well, all the other bloggers were doing it, and I’m pretty proud of our stash.




Here’s my stash:

Activated charcoal (I buy from here) – for detoxing or food poisoning

Witch hazel (I bought mine from Target) – an astringent, great for cooling and healing the skin.  I typically use this with any sprays that I would make with essential oils as it tends to evaporate faster than water.

Tallow (in the mason jar, I make my own but US Wellness Meats has some ready-made!) – High in vitamin A and E, this healing balm is what I use with a drop of melaleuca essential oil to keep my eczema away.  I’ve also mixed in frankincense, lavender, and peppermint to help soothe my skin after a bad sunburn.

Organic raw honey (in the rubbermaid jar, I buy mine from here) – also good for skin healing and antibacterial properties.  I usually use this for a face wash but I also use it for sun burns.

Echinacea tea (I buy mine from here) – For immune support, especially if I’m coming down with a cold.

Raw organic coconut oil (I love this brand)- For skin health, burns, and antibacterial protection.  I also add essential oils to this.

Magnesium oil (I buy mine from here)- nothing helped my first trimester food aversions like spritzing this oil on my stomach before meals!  It absorbs easily through the skin and works quickly.

Bentonite clay (I buy mine from here)- to remove toxins, either as a face mask (which is amazing!) or taken internally.  It attracts toxins to itself and is then easily excreted.

Cranberry capsules (I buy from here) – to treat UTIs or kidney infections

Essential oils (we use doTERRA)- I use all sorts of essential oils for just about everything.  From asthma issues, allergies, bug bites, colds/flu, kidney and bladder infections, ear infections, concussions, and pain killers.  I apply either directly to the skin (following precautions for safe dilution), diffuse aromatically (especially when sick we like to diffuse Breathe and On Guard!), and take internally. For ear infections, a drop of Basil and a drop of Lavender on a cotton ball and stuck in the ear for 20 minutes is a powerful pain killer and helps to sanitize and decrease inflammation.

Fractionated coconut oil (doTERRA)- to dilute essential oils.  It’s always liquid, it doesn’t have that coconut aroma to it so it doesn’t interfere with the aromatic benefits of the essential oils.  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t stain clothes (or microfiber couches – ask me how I know this).

Veggie caps (doTERRA) – for making our own capsules!  Since doTERRA is so pure that ingestion of most of the oils is safe, we use the capsules to make our own allergy capsules, “tummy capsules”, pain pills, sleeping potions, and antibiotics.  Especially for ingesting Oregano (a hot oil) and DigestZen (which doesn’t taste that great when you’re nauseous), this is the perfect way to get the benefits when we need them!

So that’s a peak into our medicine cabinet!  One thing we don’t have yet that I would like to get soon are epsom salts for detox baths.  Also great during pregnancy to help stop preterm labor!

What’s in your medicine cabinet?