this picture of me and Mr. Crunchy at the pumpkin patch this weekend!  We had a wonderful fall day on Sunday….slept in, relaxed, went to a pick-up soccer game where Mr. Crunchy got to play for 2 hours and I got to sit and chat with an adorable older woman named Joan who walked across the parking lot from her house because she saw people playing soccer and she loves watching soccer.  Then we went to Rombach’s pumpkin patch.

Rombach’s is this wonderful pumpkin patch (celebrating 100 years this year!)  with lots of Halloween decorations and pumpkins galore.  We wandered around for awhile, amazed at how much it’s grown in popularity since we were kids.  Oh, right – apparently it was tradition in both of our families to go to Rombach’s!  How fun is that?  Anyways, we loved it and we saw so many parents wearing their babies.  It made us look forward to next year when we can bring Baby Crunchy to the pumpkin patch!

Fall is my favorite season.  I just wish St. Louis would hurry up and decide that it’s fall consistently instead of this back-and-forth weather nonsense.

Happy Tuesday!

Woo!  It’s been a beautiful, rainy, fall-ish, busy busy week! Here’s what’s happening in Crunchy-land recently:


– Mr. Crunchy enjoyed a day off, so we started our day with some sausage, orange juice, coffee, and homemade crepes filled with Nutella (that I got using a “free jar” coupon for submitting a recipe a few months back).  Growing up, most of my breakfasts were cereal, oatmeal, or something of the sort.  Big breakfasts like this always remind me of going out to eat, and even though I’m 25 I still associate breakfasts that include both orange juice and coffee as being on vacation. So days off work generally involve big breakfasts with both orange juice and coffee. :)

– 30 weeks (31 on Tuesday!).  Commence constant nesting.  Except with no car during the week, no craft skills to speak of whatsoever, and a house that takes approximately 1 hour to clean from top to bottom (and that includes dusting the baseboards), there’s not much to do.  Baby is moving a TON this week and I swear I can feel my stomach expanding by the minute.  Mr. Crunchy is thoroughly entertained now that Baby Crunchy’s dancing is visible from the outside.

– A competitive training program for our oil business started on Monday. It’s going really well!  I’m learning a lot and I’m loving the daily checklists that make sure I’ve done everything possible that day to build my business effectively and strategically.  Who would have thought this former nurse would be just as mesmerized by business and leadership books as by biology textbooks?

– I have taken Swagbucks MUCH more seriously this past week and my efforts have paid off in $25 worth of Amazon gift cards so far just this week!  Plus, since I hit my daily goals each day for 7 consecutive days (easy once you learn how!), I got a bonus of 25 points.  I’m keeping this up for a month straight, because I want that 300 Swagbuck bonus.  That in itself is almost a full $5 gift card. Score! Plus, did you know that if you order on Amazon through Swagbucks you earn 3 points for each dollar you spend? Revolving door of Swagbucks and gift cards, my friends. Making every dollar count!


– Mr. Crunchy and I have taken up reading to each other as a pastime, and we very much enjoy it.  I am not much for reading aloud usually, but I’m getting more comfortable using emphasis and getting involved in the story.  So far we have read The Hunger Games and are halfway through the sequel, Catching Fire.  Mr. Crunchy has read all the books before, but I haven’t.  We used a free red box code to rent Catching Fire the other night as an inexpensive date night (we have seen both movies together already, but I wanted to watch again after reading the books!).  I’m so excited for the next movie, Mockingjay, to come out next month.  We will probably order Fandango tickets through Swagbucks (you get 10 swagbucks per ticket!). I’m probably going to borrow Mockingjay from the library so we can read it before we go see the movie.

This weekend we plan to do what we like to call “la purga,” which is when we go through the house and find everything superfluous and get rid of it.  Our closet is a little out of control, and I have big plans for my kitchen utensil drawer.  I also think that we will splurge on some apple cider during our grocery trip and take a walk with a mug of warm apple cider.  I’ll need to dig my fuzzy boots out of storage (one must be properly dressed for fall-themed walks, you know).

What are you up to on this fine fall weekend?


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If you give Amanda an Instagram, she’s going to want to post pictures.

If she’s going to want to post pictures, she will want to make them interesting.

It will probably involve coffee.

If she’s going to be making coffee, she might as well try that new recipe she found for blueberry crisp (since she actually has all the ingredients).

If she’s going to be making blueberry crisp, she might as well clean up the kitchen while it bakes.

If she’s going to be in the kitchen for that long, she should probably plug in the speakers to the computer and get in some personal development time.


Instagram…helping you achieve your ultimate productivity.




So as you know, Mr Crunchy and I got promoted in our doTERRA business in September.  We have big goals for October, and I’ve started teaching webinars to help me reach more people (especially since we have team members in Missouri, Iowa, Maryland, Georgia, and Tennessee).  I recorded the webinars and wanted to post them here (there’s lots of science involved!).

Medicine Cabinet Makeover – what’s wrong with the standard medicine cabinet and how do you fix it?

Autoimmune Disorders and Essential Oils - what’s the real cause of autoimmune disorders?  Is there any way to heal naturally?

At the end of the autoimmune disorders webinar are our specials for October!  And here’s a hint, our specials go over and above this awesome doTERRA October special:




photo credit

photo 1-7

Today I earned 144 Swagbucks!  My goal was just to earn 30, but after a few minutes when I had earned the 30, I wanted those extra bonus points!  Before the hour was up, I had 144!  Here’s how I did it:

– Toolbar (1 point daily!)

– Daily poll (1 point)

– Surveys

– SwagTV

– Read book excerpts

– Daily Crave

– No Obligation Survey Option

photo 2-8photo 3-6

I am using Swagbucks to earn gift cards to help us pay for Christmas.  I can’t wait to get my husband something special that I earned and paid for with gift cards!!! Shout out to Crystal Paine from MoneySavingMom.com for the re-inspiration for signing up for Swagbucks!


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Baby Bump!

Baby Bump!

Wow, only 11-ish weeks left until we meet our sweet Baby Crunchy! A few fun things:

According to my app, Baby Crunchy:

– is roughly 15.2 inches long and weighs about 2.5 pounds.

– “may” start moving around more and be strong enough to wake me up at night.  Considering this is the child who made sure I was awake at 4am to feel him/her move for the first time at 14 weeks, I’d say Baby Crunchy is already an overachiever.

Last week, Baby Crunchy decided that my liver was a comfy pillow and nestled right up to it.  I had a shoulder sticking out of my stomach. Thankfully, this position was apparently only cozy for about an hour.  Meanwhile, I was contorted in all sorts of fashions trying to be comfortable myself.

So far, Baby Crunchy enjoys classical music and Led Zepplin, interacting with Mr. Crunchy via excited kicks when he/she hears Daddy talking, and lounging in utero with an elbow resting on one of my kidneys.

Have you noticed the new look around the blog? This is thanks to the beautiful work of Jamie Knupp of Clueless Mama Designs.  Do you remember my post about bartering (posted here on MoneySavingMom.com)? Well, bartering came in wonderfully handy again when Jamie offered to trade a new recipe guest-post for some blog design work!  I thought we needed a facelift here and she very quickly came up with a few designs based on me and what I shared with her about how I wanted the feel of the blog.  Be sure to check her out when you want some design help!

And be sure to check out my recipe for strawberries and cream personal pies(a recent pregnancy craving of mine) on Jamie’s blog!



Did you know:

Tylenol, a staple in almost every standard home, just had the “safe dose” lowered because it was found to cause liver failure.

Common acid-reflux medications like Prilosec can increase your risk of clostridium difficile – a nasty bug that has a high risk of dehydration-related complications and is the bane of every nurse’s existence. It also can increase your risk of bone fractures.

Want to know some natural solutions to these common issues?  We are teaching our first webinar this Wednesday, October 1, at 7pm central time.  Get ready to learn what you can do to not just deal with health concerns as they come, but be proactive in your family’s health care.  Click here to register.

Click here to watch the webinar.

Today’s post (in theory) was supposed to be showing you all what a little baker I’ve been – this past week or two I’ve made several southern-influenced meals, but also learned how to make special treats like bagels and bread bowls.  The other night I made broccoli cheddar soup and served it in homemade bread bowls.  Not only did it almost look like Bread Co, but my anti-soup husband said he really liked it!  But alas, I took pictures of it with his phone, not mine or my camera, and they were accidentally deleted.

So the memory of the beautiful domestic moment will live on only in mine and my husband’s memory.  (Btw I used the soup recipe from here and the bread bowl recipe from here)

Here’s a picture of the bagels I made (using this recipe, and kneading in some cinnamon sugar for the swirls!).  They turned out so well!  And also, I learned that I much prefer these bagels topped with peanut butter instead of cream cheese.  Who knew??


I do want to get into the habit of posting regularly again, though – I’ve definitely missed the creative outlet that is blogging!  Tonight I just wanted to share one quick piece of news with you:

On Friday, we received another promotion with doTERRA!  We have worked hard for this particular goal for months and to finally reach it and now start planning for the next goal is really exciting and we are so thrilled.  It is such a joy and a blessing to get texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages on an almost daily basis from people who we have been able to share with and hear how it is changing their lives.

I know I’ve had a lot about oils recently.  This blog will not be overrun with oil info, I promise!  I did have several people say they wanted me to talk a bit more about essential oils and share some research information here, so there will be some of that, but I promise I won’t make this an “all-oils-all-the-time” page, and I won’t constantly ask you to buy from us.  I do hope, though, that you and I are good enough friends by now that you will be excited with us!

Celebrating with mint M&Ms!

Celebrating with mint M&Ms!

…that our amazing company was offering free gift baskets in your first 60 days with us, what would you say?

One person on our Facebook page said “what’s the catch?”

So I wanted to give you all some details, because I’m super stoked about it and I think you will be too!


Root-To-Tip or Active Life kits: 500 points each

Starting today, new Wellness Advocates can “opt in” to what’s called the Share Program - when they enroll a new person within their first 60 days as a Wellness Advocate (hereafter referred to as WA), they not only earn a bonus check from the company (standard), but now they also earn credits  that they can trade in for various gift baskets. You can earn baskets worth 500, 1000, or 2000 credits.


Spa Facial Kit or Healthy Style Kit: 1,000 points

And, starting today, all existing WAs can opt in as well!

Why is this a fabulous incentive?  Because it encourages those who are brand new to the company to share the amazing products with their friends!  It’s like a really awesome “hostess reward,” if you will.  AND, the bigger gift baskets include the brand new products that were just unveiled at convention (like the new preservative-free, plant-based skin care line and the totally adorable petal diffuser).  Some kits include supplements, too!


Luxury Kit or Home Guard Kit: 2,000 points

So how do you sign up as a Wellness Advocate?  If you aren’t currently working with a WA already, we would love to get you started on your journey!  When you join our team, you get access to tons of resources, education, and support, whether you want to simply be a user of the products or build a business.   Click here, then click on “join” in the upper right corner and follow the steps to enroll as a WA (this incentive is not available to Preferred Members!).  If you desire help in choosing which enrollment kit would work best for you and your needs, email me at amanda@crunchyhippielife.com and put “doTERRA” in the subject line.  And btw, in September our team is promoting the Natural Solutions kit ($550, with a total savings of over $415 in the month of September!) by sending you a FREE package of On Guard hand soap and 2 dispensers as our thank you!  The Natural Solutions kit has everything you need to get started with doTERRA in your home and new wellness lifestyle.

Disclaimer: These links are our affiliate links.  If you choose to purchase through our links, Mr Crunchy and I thank you for supporting us and this blog!