The Easiest Ways To Build Credit Without Credit Card Debt

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the easiest methods for building credit without credit card debt

We are deep in the middle of buying our dream house, ya’ll! It’s so exciting, but made more complicated by the fact that we don’t have credit – and we aren’t opening up a credit card just to “build” our credit score. That’s right, we are learning how to build credit without credit card debt.

Building credit is an important step to pay attention to as soon as you turn 18, because credit scores influence your interest rate. If your credit score is low, banks are going to want extra assurance that you will pay your loans, which might result in a higher interest rate – and thus higher monthly payments – for you.

You would think not having debt would show a bank that you know how to be responsible with money. However, as we go through the home-buying process, we are quickly realizing that all it truly says to a bank lender is “you have no idea how I handle money because I leave no trails!


But not oops, because that would mean a mistake. No debt = not a mistake.

Building credit without credit card debt is actually really easy, if you plan ahead.

Check Your Score

First off, it’s a good idea to check your credit score on your own, so you have a rough idea of where you are starting off. Using a website like Credit Sesame is free and checking doesn’t hurt your score.

Again, it’s so frustrating that financial fitness and responsibility can also potentially “hurt” your credit. Dumb.

So, review your credit score on Credit Sesame for free and read over the report details. Is there any old or wrong information that could be lowering your score? Credit Sesame helps you dispute those charges to get them removed from your report.

This also gives you an opportunity to see if there are any outstanding payments that you might have missed that you could catch up on, which cleans up your credit score in the process.

Rent First

We have rented our living arrangements since the very beginning, so we have a solid renter’s history. This means our lender can send a form out to our past landlords to see our exact payment history. The more payments you make on time, the more you show that you are reliable with your money.

Buy Under Budget

You know I’m all about living within your means, and it turns out that bank lenders also really like that. Our mortgage broker told me that lenders like to see that your monthly mortgage payment is less than what you pay in rent, so definitely try to stay strict with your budget when house hunting.

(And remember that most apartment complexes include charges like water, trash, and sewer into your rent, and you will have to pay those separately with a house payment.)

Be Independent

Aside from rent history, lenders also like to see a history of payments on other things, like utilities or student loans.

Since we have “no credit” (aka, we are debt-free), we had to submit our last few years’ worth of phone bill payments and car insurance payments.


This is when things like putting your bills on auto-pay is really super helpful, since you are building your payment history without even realizing it (and you’re avoiding late fees – so it’s a win-win).

If you’re living with roommates, consider splitting up the utilities and have one in each roommate’s name, to help build a payment history.

Still on your parents’ phone plan? You might want to get your own. Yes, it’s probably going to be more expensive than giving your parents $20 a month, but it establishes a record of payments in your own name. After years with other cell phone companies, we are very happy with Credo Mobile. We both have unlimited everything and pay just over $100/month, and they support a multitude of charities and non-profit organizations. Click here to take advantage of $200 off smartphones (or pick a free one) and 25% off line fees for two years.

Student Loans

Making your regular payments on your student loans also counts towards payment history, so make sure your student loans are in your name.

For us, both our student loans and our loan from our unfortunate month-long experiment with living in an RV showed up on our credit history, but both were too long ago to be counted on our credit report.

The Easiest Way to Build Credit Without Credit Card Debt

One of the easiest ways to build your credit without a credit card is by opening up a Credit Builder account, which is backed by a Certificate of Deposit (aka, CD).

A CD is essentially a savings account with a monthly payment, and it earns interest for the investor. After the term agreement of the CD is met (anywhere from one to three years, usually), the investor can withdraw the money saved. Credit Builder accounts are not actual CDs, but are loans backed by CDs. Your money is secured by FDIC, so there is no risk involved.

While many banks offer this on a local level, you might find this a limiting factor for your lifestyle. For instance, we have lived in four states in less than two years, and switched banks twice due to lack of local branches. 

This is where a company like Self Lender makes the most sense. It is based entirely online, so you don’t have to worry about if you happen to move in the middle of your “loan” period.

Self Lender makes building your credit without credit cards accessible to everyone, regardless of income. Your monthly payment options start as low as $25 per month, and increase to $150 per month.

(I love to encourage self-improvement, so open your own Self Lender account now
to receive $10 from me!)

All monthly payments are reported to the three major credit bureaus. Payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score, which means your credit is steadily rising with your monthly payments (some reviews say their score increased as high at 60 points in just a few months!).

Current Payment History

Self Lender payments count as a current payment history, so you can open a new loan when you finish your first to continue building current payment history.

If you are planning to purchase a home in a year or so, you can open your Self Lender loan for a one-time administrative fee of just $15 and a monthly payment of $48. At the end of the year, you will get $545. Or you could save $150 a month (with a one-time fee of $12) and receive a check for $1,700 at the end of your loan term.

My favorite part of the entire process is that you get your money to work for you (building your credit) and you get the money back at the end! Not only are you saving money, you are quickly improving your financial future. You know how I’m a fan of my money working for me while I sleep, so of course this option is what I recommend to everyone.

Ready to open your own Self Lender account and build credit without opening a credit card? Start building your credit history today!

No one should have to suffer the consequences of a low credit score. Did you find this article helpful? Be sure to share it with your friends!

Ready to build credit but don't want a credit card? Check out these tips for staying out of debt while improving your financial future!

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Best Money Saving Apps (And How To Earn Cash From App Referrals)

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Tired of your tight budget? Earn cash from your phone with these app referral programs!

Imagine this: Every single time you go to the grocery store, you leave $1 sitting on the counter. It’s yours, it’s waiting for you, but you leave it there.

Let’s be honest here: sometimes, you just need more money. Maybe it’s just a few dollars here and there so you can afford a coffee, or maybe you could really use some extra gas money. Whatever it is, if you aren’t making money from your phone using money-saving apps, you’re leaving money on the counter with almost every single purchase.

I love using money-saving apps on my phone. It makes the process of saving money so simple, it’s almost silly. I can make purchases of deeply-discounted services on Groupon (through Ebates, of course!), and earn cash back on my purchase of strawberries through iBotta. Oh – and every purchase is rounded up and I invest the change using the Acorns app.

Pretty sweet deals, right? Do you use save money from your phone using apps?

Did you know you can also earn cash from app referrals?

App referral programs are a pretty amazing way to either get your favorite things for free or earn cash on the side. Here’s a quick review of my favorite money-saving app referral programs and how best to share them:


I shared last year how I made over $500 from the Ebates referral program, just by sharing a great deal on an Instant Pot. Ebates has changed their referral structure several times this year, and finally landed on a $25 referral for every person. No more tiered program!

The best way to share Ebates is to share value. No one cares if you save a few cents here or there, that’s not worth their time. But share that you get a $10 rebate on your Instant Pot if you sign up now and suddenly people have incentive!

Because you only get paid on a referral when they make a purchase over $25, sharing deal ideas this way also leads to a much faster conversion.

I use Ebates with almost all my online purchases, so I can see the value of “it adds up over time.” And for those people out there like me, I like to post the pictures of my checks, along with either my referral link, or a link to my blog post review.


Groupon’s referral program is a little different, because you get paid in Groupon bucks. This credit can be put towards any Groupon purchase. This requires a little creativity when you want to cash in, but Groupon often has great deals on local restaurants, hair salons, and even eye doctors.

The “cookies” (little bytes of information that store your unique referral code in someone’s computer) expire 72 hours after someone signs up through your link. This means that in order for you to receive a referral bonus, they have to make their first purchase within 3 days of signing up.

Sharing Groupon often means sharing the amazing flash sales going on at any given time. I also like to share when I use a Groupon in my daily life, so people can have a visual of just how easy it is to use in a wide range of circumstances. I have used Groupons in everything from an eye appointment to ordering from Brandless to going on dates with Peter.

If you have never used Groupon before, what are you waiting for? Sign up today! (And find an amazing deal!)


Last week I posted a picture on my instagram of some new (to me) clothes I purchased at the thrift store recently. My favorite part of the whole thing? I paid for them using the cash back I had earned using the iBotta app!

iBotta is super easy to use if you live near major retailers or shop online. You just browse the available offers and save the ones you will be using, then scan the bottom of your receipt with your phone to match the offers. Once you reach $20, you can cash out via PayPal.

I didn’t get much use out of it when I shopped only at Aldi because Aldi isn’t an included grocery store. However, they have added so many deals for online shopping that I always compare iBotta deals against Ebates when I’m doing my online shopping. I had to travel for work, so I made my reservation through iBotta and I earned $6.45 back on my purchase and I earned another night on my rewards card.

Again, to increase conversions of referrals you have to provide value. If I find a great deal online, I often add “save x amount shopping through ebates” or “save x amount shopping through iBotta.”

Thinking out loud here, maybe I should include both, in case people favor one vs the other?


Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a newer rewards program, but I have already almost earned a $5 gift card in the couple weeks I’ve been using it, just by scanning my receipts.

Fetch works by scanning all your receipts, and you earn points. When you first sign up, you earn 200 points per receipt scan. I noticed once I reached 3,000 points (start off your account with 2,000 when you enter code H2DTB into this link) that the rewards went down to 25 points per receipt scan.

You can also earn points for buying certain things each week, similar to iBotta.

My favorite part of Fetch is that it finds the deals for you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed an iBotta deal because I didn’t see it browsing through and had already thrown away my receipt.

This one is just fun to share, because you can give every referral 2,000 points ($2) and literally all you do to save money is upload your receipt.

For every referral, you also get $2. Not a ton, but refer a few a week and you earn a gift card for all sorts of places like Panera or Dunkin Donuts.

Gift cards are also available for Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc, but I’m writing this before I’ve eaten breakfast.

I definitely wouldn’t turn down a free coffee and baked good every week. Just saying.


And now, the king of all the money saving apps, the Acorns investment app. I wrote a detailed review recently, outlining how we use the Acorns app to invest our change. I love how using this app lets us save on autopilot, while also putting our money in an actual investment account so it can start working for us.

The Acorns investment team is always making various incentives as their referral bonus, so it is totally worth it to sign up and check it out!

The Acorns referral bonuses are added to your Acorns investments, which is really awesome. They are literally investing in your future as a “thank you” for talking about them! You can withdraw at any time, or let it grow in your account.

Fun Money Is Fun

While I wouldn’t suggest quit your day job with the plan to support yourself on app referrals, it is totally possible to rock the referrals from these money-saving apps and make some extra fun money. When our budget was so very tight that first year of marriage, being able to go out for coffee and a donut guilt-free made it so much more enjoyable!

Do you use any of these apps? Have you made money from referrals? Let me know in the comments!

If you found this article helpful, be sure to pin it for future reference!

earn money from your phone with these app referral programs

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Brandless: The Organic And Vegan $3 Grocery Store

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shop organic from brandies for just $3

You might have heard about Brandless, the organic and vegan $3 grocery store. Or maybe not.

If you haven’t, let me introduce you!

Brandless, this is my Awesome CHL Reader.

Awesome CHL Reader, this is Brandless.

Brandless is an online retailer that sells everything for $3. They can do this because they are “brandless” – aka, they don’t have to pay the “brand tax” that comes with carrying big name brands. Because of this, they can offer higher quality items at lower prices. They have loads of vegan, organic/non-gmo, and environmentally conscious products, sometimes in bundle packs, and everything is $3 (or less, if you buy the bundle packs).

Also, for every order placed, they donate a meal through Feeding America, a non-profit network of food banks across the country. You know how much I love supporting companies that support even greater missions, so I am even more excited when I restock my pantry!

I’ve tried a wide variety of their items and today I want to share what I find to be the highest value and healthiest products available.


Organic honey can be expensive, but I really enjoy a bit of honey in my morning Superhero Coffee drink. This little bottle, while small, is still less expensive than most honey bears at the store, plus it’s organic.

Coconut Oil

If you don’t use coconut oil for much more than sautéing your veggies (or a morning Superhero coffee), this is a great value, especially for being cold pressed, unrefined, and organic. If you want to do any baking or oil pulling with coconut oil, this might not last very long for you.

Peanut Butter

I can’t stop raving about this peanut butter. Organic, and only two ingredients: peanuts and sea salt. This peanut butter is so creamy, so rich, and so yummy, I eat it directly from the jar (it’s a good thing I’m the only one who likes peanut butter in my family).

You can tell it’s natural because it requires stirring before you can use it. I can’t stress enough just how delicious it is.


I’ve seen pouches this size of green lentils for more than $3 at Walmart, and they were definitely not organic. Lentils are a great source of protein and fiber, and a good way to stretch or replace ground meat in recipes (especially tacos!). Lentils cook up quickly and take on the flavor of whatever you are making. I like to mix mine into my curried chickpeas and rice recipe for an extra texture and another kick of plant protein.

Garbanzo Beans

As my diet has transitioned to becoming more plant-based, my intake of garbanzo beans has steadily risen. For $3, Brandless carries a 3-pack of organic garbanzo beans – definitely a good deal! I use garbanzo beans my super easy curried chickpeas and rice (a vegan meal prep staple) and in my favorite snack, chickpea cookie dough.

Teriyaki Sauce

Another meal prep staple in my GYST days is a batch of teriyaki chicken and rice. This sauce is organic and vegan and sooooo yummy. After I sauté my chicken (or chickpeas, or tofu, depending on if I’m vegan that week or not) with some onions and peppers, I pour in some sauce and let it simmer for a few minutes. Pour the mixture over rice and you’re all set.

I eat this with chopsticks from Ikea – a package of 4 sets of bamboo chopsticks is only $0.99!

Back to the food – this sauce is flavorful without being too spicy. I love ethnic foods for the richness of flavors, and this does not disappoint.

Note: It does contain wheat products, so I don’t give it to Tristan since he’s gluten-free.

Body Wash

One area of my life I am working to improve is the matter of self care. It is a priority to me to find bath products that I enjoy using, just to add a bit of sparkle to my daily routine. It’s been difficult to find bath products that are both healthy and inexpensive, but I have to tell you: this green tea and aloe shower gel is a new staple in my house. Free of sulfates and phthalates, this body wash is very lightly scented and gentle on my sensitive skin. It has a light lather, and cleans well without leaving my skin feeling dried out.

Face Wash

Another great find was the grapefruit face wash. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean, but not dry. I had gotten out of the habit of washing my face daily (I know, I know, that’s terrible), but this face wash smells so good, I actually look forward to washing my face every day.

See, the good thing about self care is that it makes “have tos” feel like “get tos” and it makes each day a bit brighter.

One miss I will say is the pack of dark chocolate and peanut butter bars. They tasted alright, but I just wasn’t a big fan.

This could be entirely because my favorite brand of snack bars is Larabars and I will always and forever compare every other bar to them.

Sorry, other brands. It’s not you. It’s just that you’re not Larabars, and that’s not your fault.

Now, topping some IKEA dark chocolate squares with a dollop of Brandless organic peanut butter? That is a divine experience and highly recommended.

Brandless Details:

Shipping is $5 flat rate, unless you order over $39. They also have a membership program, where for $36 a year you have free shipping on unlimited orders. Brandless will also donate 10 meals through Feeding America with your initial membership fee, as well as 2 meals with every order (instead of 1 that occurs with every non-membership order).

If you plan on ordering regularly, the membership sounds like a great idea to me.

I was apprehensive to order from Brandless when I first heard about it. After all, organic products for only $3? But after experiencing the quality, I am a dedicated customer for life.

They have all sorts of other products for your home and office, including cleaning supplies, snack items, and even fair-trade coffee (that you know I’ll be sampling soon). I love that they have some of their most popular items in “bundle” options (7 items for $19.50, for example), for easier shopping and even more savings.

Ready to try the Brandless $3 grocery store for yourself? Use this link to get 2 items free from me!

If you loved learning about Brandless and want to remember to save money without sacrificing quality, be sure to save this post for future reference!

shop brandless products for $3 or less

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Splurge With Purpose: Best Subscription Boxes For Women And The World

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best subscription boxes for women

I love presents, especially when they come in the mail. It’s something that I’ve just come to accept about the non-frugal side of myself. I also love giving to non-profit organizations and seeing how my purchase in little ole Missouri can profit a small business and/or impact a family on the other side of the world.

Combine the two, and I’m just jello.

Today I’m excited to share my top three best subscription boxes with you, and why I love them so much. If you’re looking for a fun splurge or you just want to be more mindful of where your self care products come from, these three companies have you covered.


Alively is a self-care subscription box for moms. Operated by a mom, Shelly Robinson, and packaged by her kids, Alively ensures that moms have everything they need for self care.

One of the hardest things for me after my babies were born was rationalizing taking a few minutes each day to take care of myself and make sure I was put together, calm, and felt appreciated. When my box arrived with all my products (including healthy chocolate snacks and an incredible essential oils blend in a roller ball, among many other things), it was exactly what I needed to perk up and take care of myself.

All products in the box are curated by Shelly, and she makes sure they come from other small businesses. As a former nurse, she also makes sure each box includes some form of health education, usually with a link to a webinar on a health topic that fits the theme for each month.

And there is always some form of chocolate.

Shelly completely won my heart when she posted on instagram her latest initiative, Operation Breathe Life. OBL encourages all subscribers to keep their Alively boxes (they are SO cute!), fill them with hygiene products or basic unmentionables, and donate them to women’s shelters.

How awesome is that?

I love seeing the full circle of beauty and goodness when I buy things. When you purchase an Alively box, your money supports not only several small business ventures, but you also get to join this Operation Breathe Life campaign and continue moving good energy forward.

And there’s chocolate.

I’m just saying. Best chocolate I’ve ever had.

You can sign up for your own Alively subscription in either a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month option. The savings increase the longer you subscribe. Save $5 off any of those options by using the code CRUNCHY5.


Confession time: There are some things I just don’t buy simply because everyone else loves them. Is that weird? Oh well.

There is a very popular quarterly subscription box, with several celebrities who all do their own unboxing  videos and have their own codes and all the stuff is cute and you save like $200 off the retail prices buying through this subscription.

Nope, still won’t.

But Causebox is different.

It’s the same concept (quarterly subscription of cool stuff with a significant savings), but it has my other favorite aspect: supporting fair-trade and ethical partnerships with small business owners.

The items in this box will introduce you to all sorts of businesses, both local and international. Some businesses donate profits to charities and non-profit organizations. It is so fun to get to see bits of beauty from around the world within these boxes.

In any given season, your subscription box might contain unique earrings, a handmade purse, specialty skin care products, and a beautiful reuseable container (this summer’s was a water bottle, with proceeds going towards providing clean drinking water to poorer countries).

If you purchase an annual subscription, you have the option to customize your box (choose between colors of products or between two different product options).

These boxes sell out quickly, so claim your subscription today!

Mighty Nest

I’ve talked about Mighty Nest before, but I will talk about it again because it is just that awesome.

For just $10 a month, subscribers receive a delivery of a new product to reduce waste and transition the family to a more natural environment.

Our past subscriptions have included everything from dryer balls to reusable sandwich bags to glass food containers to natural deodorant and just about everything in between. It is so fun to get to open up the box each month and see what new fun product I can begin to incorporate into our home.

I am especially a fan of the beeswax wrap. I wasn’t a believer until I left a half a watermelon in the refrigerator for several days. When I brought it out again, expecting it to be gross, dry, and gummy, it was still firm and juicy, as if it had just been cut.

Mighty Nest was founded by a husband and wife team who were looking for a better way to incorporate reusable and eco-friendly products into their home. They knew about the impact of the excess waste in our environment, and they wanted to avoid exposing their daughter to extra chemicals found in common household products.

Together, they have build a business that provides not only the monthly subscription boxes, but also consistently good deals on all sorts of eco-friendly and sustainable products (all of which you can add to your order and still enjoy the free shipping!).

Interested in upgrading your own “nest”? Get your first month for only $3! Choose between a set of 3 wool dryer balls or 2 sheets of beeswax wrap.

Love Goodly

The Love Goodly boxes are another amazing subscription box for women. Each box (shipped bimonthly) is filled with an assortment of gorgeous and yummy products like skin care and stylish home products.

This would be an amazing subscription box for vegan women, since ever product is vegan and eco-friendly. And for anyone who wants to limit their exposure to unnecessary chemicals, this box is the absolute best box for you. They have an extensive “banned list” that shows all the chemicals you will not find in Love Goodly boxes, as well as a quick overview of why each one is harmful to the body or environment.

The proceeds from each bimonthly shipment support a different charity. These charities range from environmental causes to women’s health to animal shelters. Order your Love Goodly box here.

As I said before, the best subscription boxes are the ones that combine incredible savings with supporting inspiring causes. If you want ideas to pamper yourself on a budget, or you’re looking for a unique gift idea, be sure to check out these great companies for the highest quality with the biggest savings!

Be sure to pin this post for future reference, and share it with your friends (drop them a few gift hints!)

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Stock Market On A Budget: Acorns Investment App For Millennials

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how to invest on a budget, millennials saving money

Back when we were first married and our budget was incredibly tight, we pinched every penny until it screamed. We strategically worked our budget down to the last cent. We kept hearing how millennials should be building their investment portfolio, but because of what we thought we knew about the stock market, we thought this was completely impossible.

Now that we have been able to increase our weekly budget, I don’t write down every penny spent on our kitchen chalkboard. Instead, as we make a purchase, I round up to the next dollar and keep track that way. Which will you remember better – that you spent $13.67 or $14?

While this makes math much simpler and easier to remember on the go, it makes reviewing the statements on the computer more difficult because my budgeting doesn’t match well.

I was also looking for a way to make my dollars work for me, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to learn all the ins and outs of investing. We definitely weren’t ready to risk a bunch of money to learn about the stock market the hard way.

There’s an app for that.

I had been reading about the Acorns app for over a year and toying with the idea of using it. I hesitated because the stock market is scary and the idea of putting funds into an investment opportunity seems crazy.

I was wrong.

When you sign up with Acorns (get started with a $5 credit from me!), you fill out a short questionnaire to help determine your investment goals. The investment portfolios are organized by growth rate and risk, and include a variety of companies to help you reach your goals.

How Much Money Does It Take?

There are several different ways to invest your money with Acorns, and they are all focused on making investing possible for millennials. It takes $5 to get your account started – open your account with this link and get that $5 from me!


Have you ever heard the budgeting advice “always pay yourself first”? The idea is to take steps to make sure your savings account is a priority. This is the idea behind monthly automatic withdraw. You can choose between presets of $5 a week, $20 or $100 per month, or set your own custom amount. As they encourage on the site, “even $5 a week is $260 a year!”

You can also deposit in one-time amounts, which would be helpful if you want to get your account started or give it a boost.

Round Up

Rounding up is the absolute easiest way to save. All it does is round up every purchase to the nearest dollar.

This is the easiest way to build your investment porfolio automatically. Simply link your debit card(s) to Acorns, and every time you use your card to make a purchase, the amount will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. Once the amount reaches $5, Acorns will withdraw that amount and invest it for you. You can increase the round ups to multiply 2x, 3x, or 10x the amount.

Are you wondering if that’s even worth it? At the time of this writing, I have had exactly 150 roundups and added $87.10 to my investment portfolio, just from roundups. It adds up steadily, and I feel better knowing there is very little risk involved.

Found Money

If you’ve followed me for long, you know I’m a huge fan of getting money back via rebate apps. Acorns has joined the party with this, but instead of giving you cash back, they add the amount into your investment portfolio.

To use this feature, you simply log into your Acorns account and click on the “found money” tab. This will bring you to a current list of available offers. The offers are in several categories, including food, clothes shopping, membership fees for certain stores, and even occasionally signing up with a new insurance company. At the time of this writing, for example, I see a $30 investment when you sign up as a new driver for Uber, and a $30 return when you sign up with a new Blue Apron meal delivery service.

I think I’m most excited about this idea because, although I do love getting cash back in my hands, I also really like that this money (that I was going to spend anyway) goes into an account that will benefit me for years to come.

Like other rebate apps, the deals may vary, but typically they have deals on fun things, like food, wine, and travel. So yes, it’s the dream of millennials – you can make money while you treat yourself. It’s now possible, thanks to the Acorns investment app.

Educate Yourself

There are so many articles within Acorns, designed to help you understand everything related to investing in general. From deciphering the jargon to recognizing trends in the industry, the blog articles will help you learn all about this crazy world of investments and how to make the wisest decision.

Down To The Details

Alright, so now that you know why using the Acorns investment app is so awesome, let’s talk about the details of how it all works (if you aren’t a details person, just click on over to sign up now and get started with $5 from me).

Step One: Sign Up

Click this link to sign up for your Acorns account, and start it off with $5 from me! (You can use this regular link if you aren’t comfortable with using my affiliate links, but you won’t receive the $5 bonus)

Step Two: Survey

Once you have an account, Acorns will take you through a short survey to determine the level of risk for investments you are likely most willing to take. The risk ranges from conservative to aggressive, depending on how close you are to retirement and how much you want to regularly invest. Personally, we are set to moderately conservative.

One of the features I like the most about the Acorns company is how it takes the guesswork out of the investment experience. Once you sign up and are assigned a risk level, Acorns takes care of the rest. You buy into a diversified investment portfolio, which contains a mix of different stock categories including large company stocks, small company stocks, real estate stocks, government bonds, and international large company stocks.

Step Three: Choose Your Investment Amount

There are several ways to add money into your Acorns investment account (see above). Thankfully for us millennials with very little spare time to spend on our investment portfolio, they made the avenues for investing very simple.

Step Four: Cost

So how much does it cost to use the Acorns investment app? $1 a month. That is, until you have your first $1,000,000 invested with Acorns. That’s a pretty decent deal!

I’m a huge fan of using Acorns. I don’t have a ton of time to study investment opportunities, and I certainly don’t have the time to dedicate to watching the stock market screen each day. What I do have time for, as most millennials do, is to use an investment app on my phone to make me money while I’m on the go. I have time for companies that make investing on a budget possible, and I have time for opportunities to build my investment portfolio while I make my normal every day purchases.

If you grew up thinking that investing as a millennial was confusing or just out of your budget, I would whole-heartedly encourage you to check out the Acorns investment app and see just how easy it is to invest, even on a budget.

And don’t forget your $5! 🙂

If you found this review helpful, be sure to pin it for future reference!

easy investing for millennials

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