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Why I Left my MLM for Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Thanks for sharing! 13 Brutally honest confession time: I used to be *that* crazy essential oils lady. You know the one. The one who not only hasn’t talked to you since high school, but suddenly contacts you, thoroughly convinced that every problem in the history of the world is due to someone running out of their frankincense essential oil. Foot odor? I’ve got an oil for that. Dandruff? There’s an oil for that too. Did you eat too many donuts? There’s a fat-busting  ...

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Best Chocolate Vegan Protein Powders

Thanks for sharing! 13 I get a lot of questions about my vegan protein powders. There are SO MANY options available, and many regular store-bought brands are filled with an array of extra chemicals, fillers, and compounds your body doesn’t need and doesn’t recognize. I’m picky about my protein powders, so I’ve been testing and sampling and researching for you. Since my go-to flavor is chocolate, this will be a review of all the best chocolate vegan protein powders on  ...

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Zero Waste Periods: Natural Alternatives For That Time Of The Month

Thanks for sharing! 13 “This one’s for the giiiiiirrrrrrrrls….” Sorry guys, come back next time. Or continue reading for options for your ladies. Your choice. Okay ladies, let’s talk about something that isn’t talked about enough: the reality of zero waste periods. There might be some of you who think that disposable products are proof that we are evolutionarily superior, but if you’re reading this blog, chances are you are either looking to save  ...

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The Easiest Ways To Build Credit Without Credit Card Debt

Thanks for sharing! 13 We are deep in the middle of buying our dream house, ya’ll! It’s so exciting, but made more complicated by the fact that we don’t have credit – and we aren’t opening up a credit card just to “build” our credit score. That’s right, we are learning how to build credit without credit card debt. Building credit is an important step to pay attention to as soon as you turn 18, because credit scores influence your interest  ...

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